Total Ad Expenditures Stagnate; Spanish-language Media Jumps Through 2011

According to Kantar Media Intelligence 2011 Ad Expenditures Data, general market media, including digital, but with the exception of TV, stagnated during the last quarter of 2011 and in 2011 overall. However, Hispanic TV, Magazines and Newspapers all grew substantially. Total advertising expenditures increased 0.8% in 2011 and finished the year at $144.0 billion, according to data released today by Kantar Media Ad spending. Since reaching a post-recession peak in Q3 2010, advertising growth rates have slowed sequentially for five consecutive quarters. ...More

  • Best Use of Interactive Technology: Sony Music Direct to Consumers, The X Factor USA Digital Ecosystem , Fox / SYCO TV / Fremantle = THE X FACTOR USA

    The X Factor, Fox and SYCOTV created a series of interactive pieces for the U.S. debut of The X Factor, but the most innovative piece of the campaign emerged in four mobile apps that gave fans exclusive access to content on demand, multiple backstage camera views of the show, and allowed them to vote through an image-based SMS voting application. During the show, the apps provided a companion broadcast serving up to 100 complimentary pieces of original content, including backstage photos, exclusive news scoops, insider access to the making of the performance, and live broadcast where correspondents commented on the ...More

  • Return-Path Data Lexicon: 'Average' Reach Metrics

    As with last week's column on Average Frequency, we examine the definitions of Frequency's companion metric, Average Reach. Interestingly, while Average Frequency definitions include interactivity components, so far the various definitions of Reach tend to remain television-centric. This might be because it is much harder to measure unique, unduplicated usage across platforms. ...More

  • With Media Industry Employment In Transition, Where Are The Jobs?

    Layoffs aren't happy affairs, but given the increasingly fickle nature of journalism, entertainment and even media agency positions, comings and goings can be a fact of life. ...More

  • American Idol': Are All Those Mentors Helping Or Hurting The Contestants?

    One of the best moments in what has proven to be a decidedly uneven season for Fox's "American Idol" came this past Wednesday on Billy Joel Night, when contestant Phillip Phillips took the stage. He sang his own very distinctive rendition of "Movin' Out" -- and nailed it. Significantly, he did so by sticking to his own instincts and flatly ignoring the advice he had received earlier in the week about his performance style from "Idol" in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine and guest mentor Sean P. Diddy Combs. He also rejected the styling advice he received from the newest member of ...More

  • U.S Shows Can Fight Lower Ratings By Going Real-Time Worldwide

    One of the few areas where some big TV production companies still make a lot of money is in selling shows on a global basis. Just ask CBS how much money it still makes globally from its "CSI" franchise. ...More

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