Monday, April 2, 2012
  • Forecast: 2012 Upfront To $19 Billion

    Another strong upfront is on tap for TV networks -- but not as powerful as a year ago. Versus the hefty 10% to 15% percentage spikes of a year ago, Morgan Stanley media analyst Benjamin Swinburne estimates that networks -- broadcast and cable -- will be in the 5% to 10% range when it comes to CPMs, according to reports. ...Read the whole story

  • HBO Go iPad App Offers Enhanced 'Game Of Thrones' Episodes

    HBO's successful iPad app is evolving from a TV Anywhere platform to an enhanced playback tool. 'Game of Thrones' episodes in Season 2 will carry interactive elements that had been available previously only online. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • OWN Inks Better Deal With ComcastWall Street Journal

      Oprah Winfrey's cable channel, OWN, signed a distribution deal with Comcast Corp. that raised the number of subscribers who can watch OWN on the cable operator, and also assured that Comcast will begin paying carriage fees for the channel starting in 2013 -- charges it currently does not pay. This is good news for the struggling network, which "didn't initially earn subscription revenue from its distributors when it went on air early last year, people close to the channel said," writes Sam Schechner and Christopher S. Stewart. ...Read the whole story

    Talk to the Hand: The Tablet Is Changing TV Viewing

    Networks are in a race to bridge media experiences and re-engage the viewer through transmedia storytelling. Look for a proliferation of Dual Screen apps that will act as dashboards for enhanced viewing. ...More