• Olbermann Sues Current TV, Cites Marketing, Promotional Concerns

    Many of the complaints in a lawsuit filed by former Current TV host Keith Olbermann against Current TV on Thursday come down to marketing and promotion -- as well as technical -- issues. ...Read the whole story

  • U.S. Tablet, TV Usage Spikes

    Virtually all U.S. portable device owners will use either their tablet or smartphones at least once during a 30-day period. Nielsen says a fourth-quarter 2011 survey showed 88% of U.S. tablet owners will use a tablet device at least once during any particular month while watching TV. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Brand Rivalries: Samsung Holds Consumer Lead

    Big-name TV brands continue to vie for consumers' share of mind -- and right now Samsung has overtaken Sony in the top position. When it concerns new HDTV sets, Samsung now has a slight edge over Sony, with consumers preferring Samsung by a 20% score to Sony's 19%, per ABI Research. Next comes LG at 12% and Vizio at 11%. ...Read the whole story

  • Appeals Court Gives Viacom Second Shot At YouTube

    In a mixed ruling, a federal appeals court revived Viacom's copyright infringement lawsuit against Google's YouTube. But the Second Circuit also sided with Google on a key issue, ruling the company couldn't be held liable based solely on the "general knowledge" that its users were infringing copyright. ...Read the whole story

  • Acura Backs Marvel's 'The Avengers'

    The automaker, which was in "Thor" last summer, is now the official vehicle of the "The Avengers." Acura is cross-promoting the movie with a national television campaign that starts next week, although the film opens in early May. ...Read the whole story

  • Capturing The Distracted TV Viewer: Most Of Us Watching Another Screen

    A clear majority of Americans have consulted a second screen while the TV is on. The real challenge for programmers and advertisers is capturing that distracted behavior, because most of the time the second screeners are browsing unrelated content online. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Keeps Burning Digital, TV Candles

    Kia is staying busy juggling a lot of digital programs as well as television advertising and partnerships to keep consumers' eyes on the brand, and Millennials considering vehicles like Soul and Rio. ...Read the whole story

  • Cotton Inc. Launches New Look

    The new effort is a tale of two cities, with Emmy Rossum, best known for her lead role in HBO's "Shameless," taking viewers on a ride through her native New York, from black-tie events to straphanging. ...Read the whole story

The Web Video Challenge: Can the Big TV Players Be Leaders Again?

What will it take for the big television players -- the programmers and producers -- to be the big players in IP-based video? What do the Viacoms, Scripps and Fremantles need to be doing to sit at the head of the table? ...More

  • When Art Mattered: Second Screening An American Moment

    A special showing of the great American film "To Kill a Mockingbird," rebroadcast on Passover and Easter weekend, offers a digital remastering of the Universal release. This showing will be amplified by social TV provider Viggle, giving users the opportunity to check in to the movie via the app and get rewards points for engaging the second screen. ...More

  • Sarah, Oprah And Katie Wake Up Broadcast's Morning News And Entertainment Shows

    Morning television came surprisingly and excitingly to life this week with the kind of intensity usually reserved for sweeps months. What was so special about this first week of April? I haven't a clue, but it was fun while it lasted. The results of this sudden surge in early morning competitiveness were decidedly uneven, but as I have repeatedly stated in the past, any extra attention that any broadcast network pays to any part of its daytime schedule is a good thing for all of them. ...More

  • Cable Network Carriage Issues May Now Focus On Ratings, Not Price

    Give credit to Time Warner Cable for news you don't often hear from a cable operator. Instead of high price increases from cable networks fostering threats from the operator to drop those channels, this time it's all about ratings. Say what you will about the current TV viewing measurement system, there is something interesting when a cable operator, in effect, says to a cable network: "If you do underwhelming TV ratings, we will cancel you." Hey, these guys are almost -- dare I say -- acting like real TV programmers. ...More

  • Return-Path Data Lexicon: Clock Correction

    Whether you call it Drift or Slippage, incorrect clock time or frequency tuning requires a correction or an adjustment so that content is correctly matched to the data stream. Here are terms associated with realigning drift: ...More