Wednesday, April 18, 2012
  • Upfront Estimates: Modest Rev Gains, CPM Hikes

    TV media buying and selling executives now seem to have a similar perspective for the upfront selling period for the 2012-2013 TV season: modest dollar revenue gains. Per a Pivotal Research analyst, "0% to 5% volume increases for prime time advertising inventory." ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Interactive Acquires Ad Rights To Top eSports Players

    In a bid to take so-called eSports mainstream, CBS Interactive Tuesday revealed exclusive partnerships with two of the competitive video game industry's biggest players -- TwitchTV and Major League Gaming -- to handle ad sales. TwitchTV is an online platform broadcasting live coverage of "eSports," including competitive video game competitions. MLG is the world's largest competitive video game league. ...Read the whole story

  • Media General Broadcast Revs Up 12%

    Media General grabbed double-digit gains in revenue from its television stations amid higher political advertising and retransmission revenue in its first quarter of 2012. Broadcast revenue -- from its 18 network affiliated stations -- climbed 12% to $73.4 million, but newspaper revenues dipped. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's Brand Initiatives Bring Offline Metrics To Online Ads

    Google announced Active GRP and Active View Wednesday. The tools integrate into the DoubleClick for Advertisers ad-serving tool that publishers and marketers use. Calculations determine a marketer's reach with each online buy. ...Read the whole story

  • Mitsubishi Hires A Temp So You Can Drive

    The temps who will perform the duties for the three people Mitzubishi chooses for the "play day" will not come from Kelly Girl. Instead, they will include an opera singer, magician, deejay, librarian, meteorologist and rocket scientist. ...Read the whole story

  • BMW Preps 2012 Olympics Campaign

    The campaigns will include national and local television ads; digital advertising; and a new version of a retail program launched last year to get people to test drive BMW vehicles, a program that also raises money for Olympians. ...Read the whole story

  • Campaign Spotlights New N.J. Neurosurgical Center

    The spot will run during prime time on ABC,CBS,Fox, and NBC on shows like "Biggest Loser," "The Voice," "The Bachelor," and sports programming including the Summer Olympics. ...Read the whole story

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