• Hulu Upfront Pitches Strong Viewership, 'Battleground,' 'Day' Shows

    "Online video is exploding," said Jean-Paul Colaco, Hulu's head of advertising. It's a "tremendous time of transformation ... and Hulu is the catalyst for that growth." Complementing fresh content -- and enough star power to rival any network event -- Hulu revealed a slew of performance metrics at its upfront ...Read the whole story

  • VOD Delivery May Offer $1 Bil Ad Haul

    VOD climbed 17% -- 1 billion transactions -- to 8.8 billion in 2011. More than three-quarters of those transactions -- 6.8 billion -- were for free content, so-called free-on-demand. Rentrak, the media researcher, claims "the potential value of the ad inventory in these programs is at least $1 billion." It estimates there are an average of five hours and 17 free-on-demand television shows watched per month. ...Read the whole story

Where Have All The Viewers Gone? There Are No Easy Answers

The biggest broadcast story this season seems to have nothing to do with the fortunes of any particular network but rather with the audience erosion, especially in younger demographic groups, that so many of their shows are suffering this spring. Where have all the viewers gone? That depends on whom you ask. ...More

  • VideoDaily Roundup: Google Joins GRP Race, TV Everywhere Ramps Up Offerings

    This Thursday edition of VideoDaily Roundup has a distinct television bent to it. First up, Google's GRP: the search giant's latest pitch to attract TV dollars online. Next we'll look at a startup that's making TV Everywhere cheaper for content owners, followed by the Starz network signing a TV Everywhere deal with DirecTV. After that, Akamai warns that video consumption may lead to a possible bandwidth crunch, and finally we ask: are brands ready to buy video inventory on exchanges? ...More

  • With Lower Ratings Cause Studios To Ramp Up Show Marketing?

    The reports are unrelenting: Network shows continue to have lower ratings. Where will it all end? One sign could be studios taking a more active role in marketing their shows. ...More

  • Return-Path Data Lexicon: Bandwidth Optimization

    Last week's column discussed the importance of bandwidth in accessing content and the challenge of apportioning enough bandwidth for speedy access while still managing costs. This week we examine the terms and definitions for bandwidth apportionment and optimization. How can cost, efficiency and customer satisfaction be balanced? ...More

  • Toons, Toons, Toons, Everywhere: Cartoon Network Taps The Mobile Sitter Effect

    Cartoon Network will begin live streaming the cable channel soon. This is a good time to recall just how important children's programming has been to devices since the dawn of the mobile talkies back in the day. ...More