• Meredith's TV Revs Solid, Top Magazines' Poor Performance

    Revenues from Meredith's TV stations grew 10% to $78 million, benefiting from gains in key categories. The company's digital ads revenues for its TV businesses gained 70%, whereas the magazine unit only grew 2%. ...Read the whole story

  • Belo Airs Uptick In Q1 Revs

    TV station group Belo Corp.'s first-quarter results inched up, due in part to higher automotive, retail and political advertising. The company, which has 20 stations, and nine in the top 25 markets, had revenue of $156 million -- 3% higher than the same period in 2011. ...Read the whole story

  • Oxygen Doubles Original Shows, Gets 'Confidential'

    Oxygen says it will boost its original programming offerings by 50% and look to establish a new "Girlfriend Confidential" franchise with two shows at once -- New York and Los Angeles versions. The network is bringing back "The Glee Project" starting June 5, while launching another music genre series, "The Next Big Thing: NY," ...Read the whole story

  • GroundLink Appeals To Secret Agent Inside

    Car-service company GroundLink is looking to build national awareness by appealing to the secret agent that lives within every person who might use its service. "We all have a secret agent on the inside," says CMO Seth Lasser. ...Read the whole story

News Items Reveal A Changing T/V Landscape

Two items reported in the news this month demonstrate how oft-overlooked media consumer preferences are beginning to shift the landscape and business model for ad-supported T/V (television/video). ...More

  • The Ad Market As It Is

    This is a special time in the ad industry. What happens in the second quarter's upfronts will go a long way toward determining industry economics for the rest of the year. What will have happened when this week and quarter play out? To answer that, I will borrow a Jack Welchism and try to look "at the market as it is, not just as we would like it to be. ...More

  • Return-Path-Data Lexicon: QIP and QAM

    For cable operators, the return-path transfer of the data is done via the Internet. The speed by which the data transfer occurs depends on the amount of available bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth for this process, the faster the transmission. Solutions to managing bandwidth include Qip Boxes and QAM Tuners. Both are defined below. ...More

  • More Original Programs Provide Value -- But So Do Reruns

    National advertisers this time of year might be feeling the push and pull of networks promising fresher, original material. This provides the patina of more value for marketers -- though not always. ...More

  • Traditional TV Companies Need Some Tangible Product Extensions

    Relax and recline; what we really need is for a TV company to go into the couch business. I'm thinking Kabletown has it right -- you know, the fictional cable company that owns NBCUniversal on "30 Rock." ...More