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VideoDaily Roundup: Digital Video Still A Drop In TV's Bucket

Today's VideoDaily Roundup starts with a skeptical take on video's Digital Content NewFronts. Next, reports claim that a major investor is preparing to offload its Hulu stake for $200 million. Next up are several reasons why it's too soon to write off Netflix -- and finally, TubeMogul beats the RTV video drum. ...More

  • You've Got To Hand It To 'The Client List' -- And To 'Mad Men'

    Television never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I've seen it all, along comes a new drama series about a masseuse that features happy endings in every episode. Then another show, one that couldn't be more different and is widely regarded as one of the best in the history of the medium, offers up a similar scene of its own. ...More

  • The Ad Market As It Is

    This is a special time in the ad industry. What happens in the second quarter's upfronts will go a long way toward determining industry economics for the rest of the year. What will have happened when this week and quarter play out? To answer that, I will borrow a Jack Welchism and try to look "at the market as it is, not just as we would like it to be. ...More

  • TV Somewhere: When Everywhere Doesn't Work (Like With Kids)

    For many years, broadcast viewer erosion due to cable grabbed big headlines. Now we lump all TV viewing together in one brew. That's because there's a new alternative in the land - those crazy digital video platforms looking to make hay. At first, we assumed digital video would foster continued viewer erosion for the old TV media. But those rumors were quickly quashed. TV executives said the reverse was true -- the Internet was helping viewership grow by functioning as a marketing tool, most recently through social media. Now we might be focusing on erosion again for one particular demographic: ...More

  • Return-Path-Data Lexicon: QIP and QAM

    For cable operators, the return-path transfer of the data is done via the Internet. The speed by which the data transfer occurs depends on the amount of available bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth for this process, the faster the transmission. Solutions to managing bandwidth include Qip Boxes and QAM Tuners. Both are defined below. ...More

  • More Original Programs Provide Value -- But So Do Reruns

    National advertisers this time of year might be feeling the push and pull of networks promising fresher, original material. This provides the patina of more value for marketers -- though not always. ...More