Monday, April 30, 2012
  • Undertone Goes On-The-Air, Uses TV To 'Pitch' Online Ad Buys

    Last year, more than 4.8 trillion display ads were served online, according to a new ad campaign breaking today by online ad network operator Undertone, adding: "How many do you remember?" To make sure you remember it, Undertone isn't using the medium it pitches to advertisers and agencies -- it's utilizing television. In an unusual media buy for a B-to-B marketer aimed at a relatively small industrial audience, Undertone has purchased two 30-second spots in tonight's season premiere episode of AMC's "The Pitch," a new reality series about agencies competing for an account pitch. ...Read the whole story

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    • Second Screen: What Are Tablet Users Doing While TV Viewing?Lost Remote

      What are those reported 45% of U.S. tablet owners who use their devices daily in front of the TV actually doing? Nielsen answers that question with stats showing that, not surprisingly, folks most often check email, followed by social networking activity. Thirty-seven percent spend tablet time "looking up information related to the TV program [they were] watching." "In aggregate, it’s a good reminder that a large chunk of the TV+tablet audience is doing unrelated stuff on their devices," writes Cory Bergman. " While some argue that second-screen experiences are distracting, in reality they have the potential to attract a large ... ...Read the whole story

    • Is Streaming Hurting Kids' Channels? Paid Content

      "We've got hard data: Netflix really is killing Nickelodeon," is the headline on this post, which discusses stats showing "that among homes that regularly stream Netflix programming, viewing of linear kids’ channels — and not just Nickelodeon — took a hit." Despite that headline, we're not sure if there's really cause and effect here. The other big takeaway is that on-demand viewing through digital platforms did help serialized cable dramas like "Mad Men." "AMC’s ratings grew 86 percent in Q1 for streamers but only 71 percent for non-streamers," writes Daniel Frankel. ...Read the whole story

    • TV Ads Linked To Unhealthy Diets MedPageToday

      A new study says fast food and alcohol advertising on television has a negative influence on young people's weight and is a factor in underage drinking. ...Read the whole story

    VideoDaily Roundup: Hulu Considers TV Everywhere Model

    There is lots of speculation in today's Video Daily Roundup, starting with a report that Hulu is considering moving to a TV Everywhere-type authentication model. Next, Apple is reportedly negotiating a content deal with the multi-studio ...More