Viacom's Lucas: Focus On All Fronts, Not NewFronts Or Upfronts

Perhaps the message the media industry is sending to the marketplace -- as we jockey for juxtaposition, starting NewFronts to compete with Upfronts -- is doing a disservice to the media that we as content creators have at our disposal. Because, for media and marketer alike, it's not about the NewFront or the Upfront -- it's about being on all fronts. ...More

  • TV By The Byte: Monty Python Repackages Sketches For iPhone

    A new app from Monty Python and Heuristic Media parses the comedy troupe's TV series into mobile-friendly moments. The project suggests the ways in which TV programmers can re-imagine their content by blending DVD extras with app economics. ...More

  • TV The Regular Way, And TV Everywhere: Will Consumers Pay More?

    Unless you don't believe Nielsen -- and there are people in this camp -- 98% of premium video viewing remained on traditional TV as of the fourth quarter 2011, all after many years of growing digital video platforms. ...More

  • Managing Online Video and TV Campaigns: Tips from Production to Talent Rights

    As more marketers, businesses and brands convert their existing creative and TV spots to online video, they need to bear in mind several issues that relate to production, ad management and talent rights. Web video is still a relatively new medium so it's a smart idea to map out potential pitfalls, and solutions for them, before starting. I asked Extreme Reach, an online video ad and distribution firm, for tips on how marketers can make sure they've buttoned up rights and quality issues before they go live with a Web video campaign. ...More