• New Data Links TV, Video Data To Aid Cross-Platform Marketing

    TV advertising and measurement technologies have begun to better link television and video data, as online marketers begin to understand the importance and benefits of multichannel marketing. The report analyzes embracing TV audience data as a viable "audience intelligence source." ...Read the whole story

  • Upfront: CW Adds 50 Hours Of Shows, New Digital Studio

    The CW adds 50 hours of programming to its lineup of shows, including its first full summer slate of original series. The CW also unveiled a new digital content effort called CDW, a digital in-house studio that will create short-form programs for digital streams including online, mobile and tablets. ...Read the whole story

  • YouToo's Facebook App Uploads Video For TV Watchers

    Blurring the lines between old and new media, Youtoo just debuted a Facebook app that encourages users to upload videos for TV consumption. Formerly AmericanLife TV Network, Youtoo TV can now be seen in 177 domestic cable markets; social-media platform Youtoo.com has been around since late 2011. ...Read the whole story

  • Analyst: Too Early for Web Video to Affect TV

    Although some big brands have said they plan to move significant money into digital, Barclays Equity Research analyst Anthony DiClemente doesn't think their efforts will move the TV spending needle by very much-and he has the numbers to back it up. ...Read the whole story

Smartphones Are First Choice For Second Screen

According to IAB-sponsored research, people juggling multiple screens in the living room may actually be more attentive to ads. Interestingly, smartphone and tablet owners appear to be using their second screens for different things. ...More

  • Is Social TV a Gimmick or a Must-Have?

    There's no question that social video, social media and social TV are hot. Nearly every network has some sort of social media tie-in for a show, be it USA Network's recent work with Viggle for "To Kill a Mockingbird," or Discovery integrating tweets into shows. Are social tie-ins like this a gimmick or do they last? ...More

  • Stealing The Stage, Dish Hops Into Upfront Discussions

    Dish's Network's attempt to allow consumers to "Autohop" through commercials in the blink of an eye may seem ground-breaking to some. In fact, it's just a hand grenade into what NBC Universal chief Ted Harbert calls a threat on our "eco-system." ...More

  • Why 10 p.m. Broadcast News Programs Make Sense For Local Stations -- And Their Networks

    Moaning about "Rock Center with Brian Williams" and its low ratings (under 2 million viewers)? Hey, these things take time and, more importantly, you may not be considering the overall picture: what the 10 p.m. slot is becoming and what the show means to the late news shows on NBC's affiliates. ...More

  • Return-Path-Data Lexicon: Middleware

    Middleware is ubiquitous to computing infrastructure, but also holds special importance in the world of return-path data and measurement. RPD middleware not only provides a range of data capabilities including interactivity and addressability, it also may contain strains of usage data that need to be captured and merged with other collections of data from the box and associated streams. Let's look at the terms and definitions associated with middleware: ...More