• Starcom, Dish Battle Over Ad-Skipping AutoHop

    Starcom MediaVest Group Exchange had been negotiating with Dish Network over a significant TV addressable advertising deal. But after hearing about Dish's new feature called AutoHop -- which allows viewers to access commercial-free prime-time programming from the four major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox -- all talks are off. ...Read the whole story

  • MEC Debuts Analytics Tool To Optimize Media Sales

    MEC North America is rolling out a new ROI analytics tool, dubbed Crossmedia, that compares and optimizes the sales effectiveness of media plans across all paid, owned and earned media channels. The shop is telling clients they can expect to average 5% to 15% efficiency gains across their media plans by utilizing the new approach. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda, IndyCar, Mario Andretti ... And You?

    The company is tying a campaign about its racing mojo with the upcoming Indianapolis 500 race by extending a campaign, via RPA, Honda's agency of record, that began two years ago. The effort is called the "Fastest Seat In Sports." ...Read the whole story

  • Tribune May Sell Print, Broadcast Properties

    As part of Tribune's ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the corporation may be setting the stage for a sale of some media properties. Given the beleaguered state of the newspaper business, the company is probably more likely to choose to divest its big-city newspapers, like the 'Los Angeles Times.' ...Read the whole story

  • Rentrak, MasterCard To Merge TV Audience, Consumer Transactional Data

    Nielsen rival Rentrak this morning announced a deal with credit card giant MasterCard that it says will integrate Rentrak's TV audience data with MasterCard's "consumer trends and insights" derived from billions of payment transactions. Rentrak said the deal is intended to provide advertisers and agencies with "deeper insights into media consumption and aggregated consumer buyer behavior to help them reach their intended audiences more effectively." ...Read the whole story

  • As Millennials Grow Up, Big TV Faces A Race Against Time

    For cable and satellite TV providers like Comcast, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable, Millennials, or those young adults born between 1983 and 1997, represent both the greatest opportunity and biggest threat to their businesses. ...Read the whole story

  • Sales Increase, But 3DTV Excitement Lags

    According to The NPD Group, 3DTV unit sales increased 74% and revenues increased 64% in the first quarter of 2012 compared with the same period last year. They accounted for 11% of all flat-panel TV sales during the quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Humorous AAMCO Campaign Makes Engine Noises

    Says Jack Bachinsky, VP marketing: "We decided to extend ["We Hear You,"] and this is the perfect next-generation ad." He says the "Trust" campaign reflects the importance of the issue based on consumer research. ...Read the whole story

Big Sports TV Still Commands Attention-Whatever The Cost

NBC says it will lose money on the London Olympics, according to Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics and EVP for NBC Sports Group. This will be the second Olympics in a row where it has seeped red ink. ...More

  • Episode 510: Dharma And Dr. Greg -- Or, The Great Leap Forward

    Let's face it, kids, there's something about that Aqua Velva Man. Old Don Draper is back, and he's in rare form, snapping his fedora and romancing the Joan! How satisfying can an episode get? ...More

  • New View On Viewers: Maybe Distractions Aren't Such A Bad Thing, After All

    It is no secret that television viewing is not done in a vacuum and that viewers are distracted by the environment from paying 100% attention to television program. Past findings by media researchers, going back a half a century, have made this an indisputable fact. Therefore, media buyers and sellers accepted the fact that the ratings as provided by Nielsen and (former TV audience researcher) Arbitron and others have over-stated the true dimension of the TV audience. ...More

  • Return-Path-Data Lexicon: Viewing Versus Tuning

    Because of the unique attributes of the RPD environment, considerable care is taken to correctly define STB activity as it pertains to media consumption. Let's take for example "tuning" vs "viewing" behavior. The first implies passivity. Just because a set-top box is tuned to a specific network does not mean that there are viewers receiving that content. There are ways to ascertain viewing from tuning streams, such as examining activity from the remote - channel change, trick play and set on or off - but this is still a measurement "work in progress. ...More

  • Consumer Advocates Side With Aereo Against TV Networks

    The digital rights groups Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Knowledge are siding with Barry Diller's online video start-up Aereo in its dispute with the TV networks. In court papers filed today, the groups asked U.S. District Court Judge Alison Nathan in New York to deny the networks' request for a preliminary injunction shuttering the start-up. ...More

  • The Father Of Remote Zapping Passes At 96

    The inventor of one of the most deceptively pernicious devices known to consumers -- and the advertisers who love them -- has passed away. ...More

  • Digital Video Dollars Get Big Talk This Upfront, But Action Is Lacking

    Another upfront means yet another chance to bring digital video into the conversation as an important mover and shifter. Good news: Everybody is talking. Bad news: Everybody is just talking. ...More

  • Online Video Boosts Incremental Reach For Marketers Targeting Light TV Viewers

    Despite all the reassuring data for TV buyers claiming that most Americans watch just as much TV as they ever have, Google and Nielsen found that a combination of YouTube and Google's Display Network added four incremental percentage points of reach to a TV buy targeting the lightest TV viewer. What's more, that reach was delivered at 8% the cost of a TV spot. ...More