Big Sports TV Still Commands Attention-Whatever The Cost

NBC says it will lose money on the London Olympics, according to Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics and EVP for NBC Sports Group. This will be the second Olympics in a row where it has seeped red ink. ...More

  • Converting TV's High Body Count To Real Life: Funeral Plans!

    In TV, the phrase "You are dead to me!" has real meaning. But few are willing to plan for that eventuality in real life. ...More

  • 'What Did I Miss?': TV Attention Suffers A Big Hit From Second Screens

    Some TV content may be too good for the actual circumstances of consuming it in a multi-screen living room. Second screens certainly erode attention even as they offer some hope for retrieving it.. ...More

  • New View On Viewers: Maybe Distractions Aren't Such A Bad Thing, After All

    It is no secret that television viewing is not done in a vacuum and that viewers are distracted by the environment from paying 100% attention to television program. Past findings by media researchers, going back a half a century, have made this an indisputable fact. Therefore, media buyers and sellers accepted the fact that the ratings as provided by Nielsen and (former TV audience researcher) Arbitron and others have over-stated the true dimension of the TV audience. ...More

  • Consumer Advocates Side With Aereo Against TV Networks

    The digital rights groups Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Knowledge are siding with Barry Diller's online video start-up Aereo in its dispute with the TV networks. In court papers filed today, the groups asked U.S. District Court Judge Alison Nathan in New York to deny the networks' request for a preliminary injunction shuttering the start-up. ...More

  • Video Ads, Banner Ads in TV Program Guides Drive Tune-In

    As popular as social media is, many TV viewers still tune into the TV listings on the set itself to figure out what to watch. They also spend a lot of time in the electronic program guide, suggesting that the guide itself can be mined by marketers for untapped ad opportunities. ...More