Commercials Targeted To Your Emotional State?

In the future, my nasty mood may help find a commercial that'll fit my dark state: a sarcastic-laced promo for a wise-guy type of crime show, for example. ...More

  • Online Video Use Boosts TV Viewing, Engagement, comScore Study Finds

    While the bulk of TV audiences are still reached via TV only, the online scope of TV networks is growing, according to a just-released comScore study. About 26% of audiences are reached with content online, and 12% specifically with online video, comScore said in analyzing the results of a study of 10 TV networks and media brands conducted for The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, a group comprised of TV networks, media agencies and major consumer brands. ...More

  • Episode 513: Three Hotel Rooms, Two Bloody Mouths, One Stiff Upper Lip

    Capping a season with story lines that recently featured prostitution and suicide (and Peggy leaving!) all within the Sterling Cooper Draper nuclear family, "The Phantom," the season 5 finale, had much in the way of mushrooms and clouds to live up to. For the first 50 minutes, however, it felt repetitive and desultory, like "Groundhog Day" with a touch of "Marathon Man" (OK, Don, find a dentist already!). But the last six minutes were colossally great, even awe-inspiring. There were no huge surprises, but it built up the kind of masterly payoff that comes only from the expert synthesis of ...More

  • The TV Viewership Fallacy

    Shortly after Henry Blodgett's post "Don't Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse," the television industry responded quickly, most notably with Brian Wieser's response, "Oh, Please, Of Course TV Isn't Going To Collapse -- We're Watching More All The Time!" While these pundits throw grenades back and forth about the future of video advertising, it has become clear to me that all sides are missing some very important facts that suggest TV viewership numbers are grossly inflated when compared to digital. ...More