Monday, June 25, 2012

Around The Net

  • Finally, Google Enters UK TV Arena The Telegraph

    The first hardware, made by Sony, will offer direct access to the internet, and Google hopes it will also encourage software developers to write apps for televisions as well as for mobile phones and tablets. Google TV has struggled in America, and the interface has been redesigned since it was first unveiled. Special versions of YouTube, Twitter and some websites have now been created for the TV interface, and Google hopes more users will rent films through the new service. A company spokesman said that internet on television needed to be more of a "lean back experience" than it is ... ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Runs Its First Spanish-Language Ad On

    In a first for NBA, ABC and Ford, a Spanish-language ad (with English subtitles) aired for Ford's Escape 2013 during game four and five of the NBA finals on ABC. "Isabella Sánchez, VP of Media Integration for Zubi Advertising, the firm that created the ad, cautiously believes airing Spanish language ads during English language programming could begin to be a trend but there are risks," writes Brian Lienas. “It’s a gamble,” Sánchez told Lienas. “You don’t want to offend people and you want to make sure that you don’t waste impressions." ...Read the whole story

A La Carte Cable Scenario: Pricey, Fewer, And Less-Profitable Channels, Viewer Hunger?

In an unbundled, a la carte cable TV world, you are looking at a much smaller selection of cable channels being profitable -- maybe five to 10. This figure is what Laura Martin, media analyst of ...More