• Electus Brings 'Babble' To YouTube's LOUD

    Keeping the focus on fresh content, multimedia entertainment studio Electus has partnered with actor/director duo Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman to launch their podcast show "Hollywood-Babble On This Week" on its new YouTube channel, LOUD. ...Read the whole story

NBC's Olympics May Lose Money Now But Make It Later, Thanks To Digital Video

NBC will probably lose money on the 2012 London Summer Olympics. But don't worry. It might only be $100 million in red ink, after spending $1.18 billion on the games. That really isn't so bad, considering that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, which cost NBC around $820 million, put it about $223 million into the hole.But here's the good news: NBC says it will probably make money on the next four Olympics, which will cost around $4.4 billion total. ...More

  • Online Video Increases Recall, Reach, Effectiveness Of TV Spots

    Online video advertising is a powerful tool to boost the reach and effectiveness of a TV campaign, according to a comScore report on cross-media marketing. If an advertiser allocates 90% of a campaign to TV and 10% to digital video, that mix can increase the reach by 5 percentage points and the effectiveness by 16 percentage points, comScore said. ...More

  • Return-Path-Data Lexicon: The CIMM Lexicon 2.0

    GroupM Chairman Irwin Gotlieb stated at his keynote at the recent ARF Audience Measurement 7.0 conference, that the media industry needs to create standard measurement definitions. CIMM could not agree more. It has been our contention that the development of a common language would help facilitate the integration of Return-Path data into media measurement and move audience measurement forward in the digital media world. ...More

  • How To Make Mobile Video To Complement The TV Experience

    Mobile is both its own beast and an increasingly important venue for video. You've seen all the reports on mobile video viewing increasing. Much of that increase comes from a growth in complementary TV viewing -- either in looking up videos related to TV content, or tuning into TV shows or clips. But the mobile viewing experience isn't always pleasant for consumers. ...More

  • More On: What Do We Mean By 'Television'?

    A few weeks ago I wrote about what I saw as the transition of the definition of "television." I started to think about this issue when Nielsen recently lowered its Total U.S. Universe estimate of Television households -- the second time in as many years. But is "television" -- or even "television households," for that matter -- really best defined using a hardware-based television set definition? And if so, shouldn't it contain all hardware platforms on which one can receive television-based content? Not surprisingly, others in the industry are also re-examining the concept of television and what it has become ...More

  • TV News As Fiction: Gauging Viewer Interest In The Process And The Boring Facts

    We want our TV news shows and newsroom personnel to pursue the facts, the truth -- and maybe be a little smart as well. HBO's new "The Newsroom" does feed into this premise. Critics have already moaned that the creator of the series, Aaron Sorkin, who also created "West Wing," and wrote the movies "Social Network" and "Moneyball," has left some telltale signs of his work: the speechy, preachy, diatribes; the fast-talking quick wits; and the moral high ground. ...More