Thursday, June 28, 2012
  • Electus Brings 'Babble' To YouTube's LOUD

    Keeping the focus on fresh content, multimedia entertainment studio Electus has partnered with actor/director duo Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman to launch their podcast show "Hollywood-Babble On This Week" on its new YouTube channel, LOUD. ...Read the whole story

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  • Fox, CNN Flub First Report On Obamacare RulingTV Newser

    Both CNN and Fox News initially got it wrong when they reported the news of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act of 2010 this morning -- a mistake that seems kind of understandable when you read the verbatim transcript of the report from NBC/MSNBC (posted here), the first network to get it right. "That clear enough?" writes Chris Ariens. "Probably not. Our suggestion: see how the three evening newscasts report it, or read the New York Times." Here's a case where "the expediency of TV news is not meeting well with the depth" required to quickly analyze ... ...Read the whole story

  • New 'Arrested Development' Episodes To Air On Netflix UK Digital Spy

    Mitch Hurwitz's comedy series about the eccentric Bluth family was previously confirmed to return in 2013 in the US, seven years after it originally ended its three-season TV run on Fox. Mitch Hurwitz has revealed that the new Arrested Development episodes could be the first of many returns to the Bluth family and a movie is expected to follow the reunion miniseries. The first three seasons of Arrested Development are already on Netflix. ...Read the whole story

  • BC To Provide 3,500 Hours Of Live-Streamed Olympics Content Across Devices for Pay-TV SubscribersLost Remote

    NBC on Wednesday said that more than 3,500 hours of live-streamed Olympics content would be available at and on mobile devices through NBC apps that will launch in July. ...Read the whole story

NBC's Olympics May Lose Money Now But Make It Later, Thanks To Digital Video

NBC will probably lose money on the 2012 London Summer Olympics. But don't worry. It might only be $100 million in red ink, after spending $1.18 billion on the games. That really isn't so bad, considering ...More