• Extreme Reach Delivers TV Spots Via The Cloud

    New cloud-based TV services are taking hold. Extreme Reach, a video distribution company, says it now delivers 98% of its client TV commercial via a cloud-based service. The company claims to be the largest digital ad serving network. ...Read the whole story

  • New Applebee's Campaign: 'See You Tomorrow'

    "'See You Tomorrow' represents the next step of our revitalization and a departure for the Applebee's brand," noted Becky Johnson, Applebee's VP of culinary and marketing. "We're focusing on our culinary credibility." ...Read the whole story

  • Gain Goes For Odor Ardor

    Scent can be a powerful motivator, evoking memories and emotions in people in ways other senses and tools can't. With that in mind, P&G's Gain laundry detergent is launching a tongue-in-cheek digital campaign to match people with their perfect scent. ...Read the whole story

HBO's 'Newsroom' Milestone In Emerging T/V Business Model Continuum

Last week's premiere of "The Newsroom" on HBO marked the return of Aaron Sorkin's special brand of premium television.It makes sense that Sorkin -- whose previous shows, "The West Wing, "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip," and "Sports Night," aired on NBC, NBC, and ABC respectively -- has turned for the first time to pay cable giant HBO as distributor rather than traditional television networks. The initial financial commitment to a series like this requires a huge cash outlay, and content producers/distributors today must consider the cash-certainty of the business model they are working with. ...More