• Ad Dollars Shift As Boomers Age

    Nielsen says three key consumer groups are rapidly changing for marketers: baby boomers, moms and lower income consumers. Though boomers control $230 billion in sales -- about half of the total for the U.S. overall -- they are moving out of the 18-49 demo. ...Read the whole story

  • Pelican Pushes Into Consumer Markets

    "We're all very familiar with the last few years, with the explosion of consumer products," Pelican president and CEO Lyndon Faulkner, tells "Marketing Daily." "Everybody's coming out with personal devices that all need protection." ...Read the whole story

  • Majority Of U.S. Homes Get Multichannel TV

    Leichtman Research Group says 87% of TV homes subscribe to some form of multichannel video service. Only 6% of those with annual household incomes over $75,000 do not subscribe to a multichannel video service. ...Read the whole story

What Facebook And TV Networks Will And Won't Do For Each Other

What is the value of a "like" on Facebook for TV advertisers? For TV networks, the better question seems to be how much Facebook will essentially charge for that "like." ...More

  • NFL Marketing To On-The-Fence Fans: Not Quite A Blackout

    The NFL is making it easier for TV viewers to watch their home team's games, especially if their teams don't completely sell out local games. Call this "new sports marketing in tough economic times." ...More

  • Fearless Emmy Advice: Drama Series

    While voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are busy poring through submissions for this year's potential Emmy Award nominees, here are my thoughts about which shows and actors should be nominated in the drama series categories, as well as my picks for the winners. It's always very satisfying to assemble such lists, if only to acknowledge the best of the best, but it can also be quite challenging. This is such an extraordinary time for television content that it is often near-impossible to select only six nominees in each category, the maximum number allowed in the ...More