The Showrunner's The Thing

The recent death of Andrew Sarris recalls a time when film criticism really mattered -- while simultaneously reminding us there has never been a television critic with his reach and intellectual influence. And that goes for his contemporaries Pauline Kael, John Simon and Stanley Kauffmann, too. Sarris, of course, was famous for popularizing the "auteur theory" of film criticism, which posited that the way to understand and analyze film is to regard the director as the "auteur," or author, of the work. Sarris had his pantheon of great filmmakers - Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Orson Welles, Jean Renoir, etc. - ...More

  • Connected TV Homes to Surpass PC Homes by 2014, Report Says

    TV advertising may still command billions of dollars each year, but its growth will be largely flat over the next few years. So marketers should seek out connected TV opportunities to keep growing the video ad market, according to an IHS Screen Digest report commissioned by ad management platform VideoPlaza that's slated to release today. The report focuses on the United States and on Western Europe including France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany. ...More

  • From Channel-Surfing To State-Of-Mind-Shifting

    When we launched "TV Watch" eight years ago, the mission was to watch the people who watch TV: not consumers, per se, but the people in our industry - insiders, analysts and journalists - who shape the way we view the medium from a business perspective. On Tuesday, I received an interesting analysis from the folks at IHS Screen Digest that could, if true, change the way we look at TV forever. ...More

  • We Need A Bipartisan Effort Embracing Negative Campaigning

    Negative campaigning reached a new low over the weekend on ABC's "This Week" thanks to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Taking on the narrative about the GOP's Mitt Romney being an astute businessman, Jindal accused President Obama of having "never run a business, never run anything including a lemonade stand" before becoming president. This is great stuff and should be embraced. Perhaps the best chance for blunting negative campaigning is to treat it more like entertainment, while separating politics from policy. ...More