• Weather Channel Lures Political Dollars To Mobile Platform

    Politicians who find the prevailing winds blowing against them can now turn to the Weather Channel to build support. The channel is joining many other media companies with an aggressive approach to landing political dollars between now and election day. ...Read the whole story

  • In An Industry First, A Directory Of Nets Selling VOD Ads Is Published

    As part of a broader initiative to create some structure around one of the television industry most developed, but least utilized advertising opportunities, MPG's Collaborative Alliance has published what is believed to be the first comprehensive directory of television networks currently accepting advertising on their video-on-demand content. The directory, which is being hosted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, ad agency data processing firm Mediaocean, and TV audience measurement firm Rentrak, provides the most current view of which networks actually insert ads into their VOD programming. ...Read the whole story

  • Nexstar TV Station Gets Political Ad Waiver

    Nexstar has received a waiver from the FCC that allows one of its stations to avoid making political ad-spending information available online starting Thursday. ...Read the whole story

  • Celebrities Make Phone Cases Fashionable

    This September, Case-Mate, which makes covers for all sorts of electronic devices, will launch an advertising campaign highlighting how matching the right cover for the right occasion is essential in these digital times. ...Read the whole story

  • CW Redefined As 18-34 Adults, Targets Men

    Although largely defined by its young female-centric shows, The CW says its current efforts are intended to pull in more young male viewers this year. It's also hoping to gain some marketing spin by starting up its shows after the broadcast premiere week. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo's IntoNow 3.0 Syncs With TV

    Yahoo is making a bid to be a pacesetter in media companies' burgeoning emphasis on developing second-screen experiences, where TV viewing content is synced in real-time with what's available on a tablet or other device. The company is referring to its renewed effort as IntoNow 3.O, which will have a focus on social media and music. ...Read the whole story

GPS Fails at Olympics, Twitter Blamed

The [International Olympic Committee] says social media users helped cause problems for traditional broadcasters during the first big event of the London Olympics. Because of a glitch with GPS signals on Saturday during the men's cycling road race, broadcasters were unable to provide television viewers with much information about the location and timings of riders on the 155-mile course. -- Associated Press ...More

  • Merchandizing Video Content: The Video Promotion Challenge

    More people are consuming more video in more places and on more devices. So what's the problem? The problem is that as television viewing becomes increasingly un-tethered from the television set and unbounded by time, the conventions of linear television delivery are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and current online conventions are not keeping pace. What was once relatively simple -- finding "something to watch" -- has become complex, in some cases painful, and worst of all tedious. Consumer awareness, adoption, usage and monetization all suffer. ...More

  • Valuing TV Ad Plans In Light Of Moving Marketing Executives

    The success of your product on TV might just depend on the success of your marketing skills. Not always, but sometimes. Joel Ewanick, chief marketing officer of General Motors, was let go over the weekend. Many factors -- including a specific problem about not vetting a certain European soccer sponsorship - have been cited as the reason, Stateside, one recent point of contention that may stick out could be General Motors' hardline stance on the U.S. TV upfront marketplace. ...More