Monday, August 6, 2012
  • Olympics Viewership Scores Cross-Platform

    After dipping a bit in viewership toward the end of the first week of its London Olympics coverage, NBC picked up the pace on Sunday night due to some big track events. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Women Bring Home Social TV Olympic Gold

    It's official. Social TV Tweeting is a predominately mobile activity, as initial results from Olympics coverage show. It is also one place where women fully dominate sports content on the second screen. ...Read the whole story

  • Gray TV Revs Rocket 24%

    Gray, which operates in 30 markets, posted strong revenue growth in the second quarter with help from political advertising, including a special election in Wisconsin. Revenues were up 24% to $95 million. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: To Reach BTS Shoppers, Use ... TV?

    A new study of how parents are tackling this year's back-to-school shopping finds that TV is the most effective way to reach them -- a bit of a departure from their ballyhooed reliance on online and social media channels. ...Read the whole story

  • Teen Olympic Viewership Up 29%

    With the stellar performance of the women's gymnastics team, NBC's ratings in the female 12-to-17 demo have soared during the first seven days of the London Games compared to Beijing in 2008. For all 12- to-17-year-old viewers, the increase is 29% to a 7.2 average, according to NBC. ...Read the whole story

How Mars Landing Revisits Next Step In Search Exploration, Internet TV

Sunday night's Mars landing transmitted over Internet TV reaffirmed the future of television and how Web search will integrate into streaming live broadcasts. It all came down to Curiosity, the most advanced spacecraft sent to another ...More