• Axe's New Sex Symbols? Muppets!

    The catch -- and the element that manages to dance around the stereotyping issue -- is that each is a ridiculous embodiment of what men and women are theoretically drawn to in each other: the guy is a two-foot-tall walking haircut; the girl is a two-foot-tall walking cleavage. ...Read the whole story

  • Mercedes-Benz Launches Campaign For Mbrace2

    Mercedes-Benz USA on Monday launched a new campaign to promote its mbrace2 telematics platform. The campaign centers on a 30-second spot, "All From One Place," that will break during the 2012 US Open, of which Mercedes is a presenting sponsor. ...Read the whole story

  • Bravo To Launch 'Top Chef' Spinoff

    With Food Network's cooking shows continuing to sizzle, Bravo is launching another spinoff for its "Top Chef" franchise. The network is taking some of the compelling personalities of its "Top Chef" series and bringing viewers a sort of "where are they now?" ...Read the whole story

  • Mormon-Owned Station Passes On NBC's 'Normal'

    For the second year in a row, the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City has decided not to air a first-year series from the Peacock network. The Mormon Church-owned station will take a pass on comedy "The New Normal," which includes a surrogate mom for a gay male couple. ...Read the whole story

MTV Political Game A Winner

You may be a dyed-in-the-wool Massachusetts Democrat appalled that somehow the state has a Republican senator. But if you're playing to win with MTV, you want no part of Elizabeth Warren. ...More

  • Democracy, Satire And Stephen Colbert

    "Colbert's America" salutes a faux pundit who uses a late-night comedy show to hold our leaders accountable. It claims Stephen Colbert's satire doubles as public service: He makes us think. ...More

  • Your Facebook Newsfeed, On a Big Screen, In 3D

    Technological advancement or sign of the apocalypse? LG Electronics, a big proponent of content viewing in 3D, created an experimental platform in which users could view their Facebook Newsfeeds on 3D screens. This begs the question: Is 3D becoming ubiquitous? ...More