• Macy's Launches Its Own Little Sitcom

    "It's been a few years since we used all our stars as an ensemble cast," Martine Reardon, Macy's CMO, tells "Marketing Daily." And the new effort, from JWT, also subtly shifts the focus away from the famous names and back onto the Macy's brand. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Ad Sales Up In Key Categories

    TV ad spending climbed over 4% versus the second quarter of 2011 and is still outpacing other media. Kantar Media says all TV advertising rose 4.4% in the second quarter, with Spanish-language TV rocketing up 17.8%. For the first six months of 2012, TV advertising is now up 6% versus a year ago. ...Read the whole story

  • Time-Shifted Viewing Up, Live Viewing Dips

    The average daily live TV viewing per person is now at 4 hours and 38 minutes -- down from 4:47 during the first quarter of 2011. Time-shifted viewing climbed to 24 minutes from 21 minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Ralph Lauren Fashions 'Masterpiece Theater' Sponsorship

    Ralph Lauren will join Viking River Cruises in sponsoring PBS's long-running "Masterpiece" series, which has been reinvigorated by the success of "Downton Abbey." Lauren's relationship will include tailored spots for "Downton" and "Upstairs Downstairs." ...Read the whole story

Playing 'Moneyball': Can Leno's 'Tonight Show' Use Billy Beane?

My only question about Jay Leno's 50% cut in salary: Will the jokes be half as funny and will advertisers still crack a smile -- and their wallets? ...More

  • TV Advertising To Students Most Effective; Email Best Reach

    According to a proprietary 2012 College Marketing Report from the Barnes & Noble College Marketing Division, despite the prevalence of social media and Internet usage, college students still consider TV ads the most effective form of advertising. They prefer to receive emails over texts from marketers; their engagement with brands on Facebook tops all other social networks; and most are very open to direct brand engagement, including supporting on-campus ambassador programs, says the report. ...More

  • What will media buying look like when TV and online video converge?

    A steady stream of recent data illustrates continued torrid growth of video advertising relative to TV advertising, the difficulty of reaching certain demographic segments (particularly younger demos) viaTV as they choose to consume their video content online, and the resulting importance of developing unified plans and buys for video and TV advertising.Media industry forecaster Magna Global Intelligence recently projected that digital video advertising will grow 28 percent this year, a rate six times faster than the growth of the total US advertising market.Programmatic buying of digital advertising is growing at an even faster growth rate of 39 percent, according to ...More