Tablet Viewing Rising In Popularity For Older Viewers, Not Hurting TV Viewing

TV and movie viewing on tablets by older Americans is quickly rising, according to a new study. The number of tablet owners 55 and older who watch TV and movies weekly on tablets increased from 11 percent last year to 19 percent in 2012, while the number of tablet owners in the 45 to 54 age range who watch weekly rose from 15% to 24%, said strategy consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company, based on an online survey conducted in partnership with Research Now. ...More

  • CBS' Later Sunday Night Starting Times: Can It Be An Opportunity?

    Messy prime-time schedules can follow Sunday afternoon NFL games, especially doubleheaders. Sunday prime time runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Eastern and Western time zones -- and one hour earlier in Central and Mountain time. CBS, long-plagued by NFL overruns lin the Eastern and Central zone, has decided to make things easier by shifting everything a half-hour later -- which should take care of almost all long-ish games. ...More

  • Media Insights Q&A With ComScore's Josh Chasin

    Josh Chasin, chief research officer of comScore, is an expert in IP measurement who launched his career at Arbitron and is currently overseeing all research initiatives at comScore. ComScore has four core business models, from audience analytics to advertising analytics to Web / monetization analytics and mobile operator analytics. In my interview with him, Josh talks about his work at comScore, the changing metrics in the online world, out-of-home insights and the importance of understanding how the online world works and evolves in terms of content delivery. Josh also shares his views on what the media landscape will look like ...More

  • Text Operators Are Standing By: Could DRTV Use M-Payments?

    Can DRTV use mobile as a way to push its core customers to a less expensive and more direct channel? One company just introduced a text-to-pay system for infomercials. ...More

  • TV Audience Fragmentation Is An Inescapable Reality: Embrace It

    TV content and TV audiences will never be as homogenous as they were in the '70s and '80s. That's reality and not going to change. The only way to deal with -- or overcome -- the challenges of fragmentation is to adjust our approach to TV media buying, selling and measurement. Here's what I mean: ...More

  • Beck Beckons Back To TV -- But What About Advertisers?

    Many Internet entrepreneurs love the idea that consumers can pay for the exact content they want without dealing with the vagaries of advertising. But after a while these same business professionals think, "Wait. Maybe I can monetize a little more." ...More