• New Season Shows Like 'Perception,' 'Arrow' Click With Audiences

    A new marketing study posits NBC's "Revolution" and TNT's "Perception" as scoring high emotional attachment results from viewers. The CW's "Arrow" got the best emotional reaction from 18-24s. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Tracks Social Media-TV Interaction

    Young-skewing Fox Broadcasting wants to make sure it's following -- and valuing -- social media interaction with its TV shows. To that end, it has signed a deal with digital media researcher, trueAnthem, to track social sharing of Fox's digital television content. ...Read the whole story

  • News Corp. Mulls Sports Net, Possible Cable Revamp

    No matter what News Corp. does as far as launching a national sports network, the intention is not to take on ESPN, COO Chase Carey said. He adds that the Fuel or Speed networks offer options for transformation. The ratings stability of sports is becoming "more important than ever." ...Read the whole story

  • Disney Bullish On ESPN, Kids Biz

    Jay Rasulo, senior EVP and CFO of Walt Disney Company, says company executives believe ESPN has a lot more room for expansion. Disney Channel keeps growing to the point that its worldwide channels carry much of the marketing for its kids franchises. ...Read the whole story

Connected TVs Boast Engaged, Interested Audience for Advertisers

Something is afoot with connected TVs. They may not be as popular as tablets or as sexy as new smartphones, but there's a reason consumer electronics makers have been betting on these devices. A handful of recent research studies reveals several promising data points about ad opportunities in connected TVs. ...More

  • Here Comes History

    Sisterhood Is Powerful" was the title of a book of feminist essays published in 1970, and the phrase became a theme line, with marching orders, for the women's movement that followed. It meant that anything was possible, and that women could really help each other transform their roles and the culture. Amazingly, 42 years later, after all that feminist politicking -- not wanting to be objectified here, and demanding equal rights there -- who could have predicted that the sisters who are powerful now are the Kardashians? ...More

  • Maybe My Life Is A (Network Of Your Choice) Made-For-TV Movie

    Who hasn't used the phrase, "Hey this is like a Lifetime movie"? This implies some sort of cheesy, weepy tale, with perhaps a few awkward dramatic relationship moments, a life-threatening disease and heartache, and perhaps melancholy dialogue and music. So is it any wonder that Lifetime has decided to go with the flow after all these years and start an unscripted series called "My Life is a Lifetime Movie"? ...More