• Yes, The Big Newspapers Took Political Sides (And It Didn't Work)
    The gaping partisan divide that separates people's political views, also affects their perception of the credibility of the mainstream news media.
  • How Fake News Is Made (Up)
    But how does fake news actually get made? 'BuzzFeed' has uncovered an interesting example illustrating one way. The process is fairly simple: Publish totally unsubstantiated rumors that you heard from some guy.
  • 'High Times' Heads To L.A.
    Los Angeles, already the world capital for legal medical marijuana dispensaries, will doubtless enjoy an even bigger boom with recreational sales, making it a logical destination for cannabis publications of all stripes.
  • Facebook Steers Publishers To Long-Form Video
    The timing of the push for longer video content is significant, as Facebook is also poised to introduce new mid-roll video ad products, which may be more suitable for long-form videos.
  • Guess Who Loves That 'Time' Person Of The Year Cover?
    Donald Trump's love for the cover image and disregard for the chin-pulling musings within encapsulates the media dynamic that helped him win the White House.
  • McClatchy Sells 'Sacramento Bee' HQ
    McClatchy Co. announced it is selling the buildings housing two of its newspapers, The Sacramento Bee in California and The State in Columbia, SC, to two different buyers.
  • Trump's 'Failing' News Outlets Are Booming
    Of all Donald Trump's many bilious behaviors, one of the more tiresomely predictable refrains is the accusation that any news outlet which dares to criticize him is "failing." In fact, the opposite is true. A Trump slam usually means a big jump in readership.
  • 'BuzzFeed' Catches Hell For Publishing Trump Dossier
    Signs and wonders! The mainstream news media lining up to defend Donald Trump, but here they are rushing to condemn BuzzFeed's publication of a 35-page dossier of totally unverified allegations about the president-elect.
  • 'Cosmo' Inspires Cable TV Series
    The trend of magazines spawning TV shows is continuing. Iconic women's lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan is the inspiration behind a new TV drama, "The Bold Type," set to debut on Disney's Freeform cable network this summer.
  • Man Buys A Thousand Newspapers To Hide DUI
    Unable to prevent the newspaper from publishing his mugshot, Joseph Talbot did the next best thing - touring as many local newsstands as he could early the next morning and buying up all the available papers at $1.25 per copy.
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