• Publishers Tout Transparency, Viewability, Brand Safety
    After a stark warning from one of the world's biggest advertisers that it will no longer accept the status quo in digital advertising, publishers are rushing to burnish their credentials and illustrate how premium sites can help advertisers avoid some of the most common pitfalls.
  • 'Forbes' Latest To Drop Publisher Title
    And another one bites the dust: Forbes Media is joining the growing list of publishers who don't have, well, publishers.
  • 'WaPo' Report Helped Get Flynn Fired
    The forced resignation of national security advisor Mike Flynn after just 24 days on the job represents a much-needed "win" for the mainstream news media, following a year when none of its punches seemed to land. In this case the victory lap goes to the Washington Post, which is taking credit for getting Flynn fired, by exposing deceit and dissension within the White House itself.
  • Snapchat Taps 'WaPo' For Breaking News
    With parent company Snap planning an IPO next month, messaging service-turned-media juggernaut Snapchat is locking in a number of partnerships with publishers and other content providers. On Monday, it revealed a new deal with The Washington Post, which will provide breaking news round the clock to Snapchat users via the Discover feature.
  • 'Playboy' Brings Back Nudity
    The decision appears to be an admission that the non-nude editorial policy, the centerpiece of a strategy to make the pub more advertiser-friendly, has failed to deliver the hoped-for financial turnaround.
  • Sign Of Times: More Local Newspapers Closing
    The New Year has not brought respite for the newspaper business, as demonstrated by the slow but steady erosion of local newspapers across the United States. The last month has brought a number of new closures, leaving more small and mid-sized towns without a daily local news source.
  • Key Bids For Time Inc Advance
    The parallel bids by Meredith Corp. and an investment group led by entertainment exec Edgar Bronfman Jr. have progressed to the signing of nondisclosure agreements by both parties with Time Inc. That sets the stage for Time Inc to share confidential details about the state of its business and finances.
  • Melania Trump Sues 'Daily Mail' For Libel, Again
    Close on the heels of a Maryland court's dismissal of Melania Trump's first libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail's publisher, Mail Media Inc, her lawyers have filed a new suit against the company - about the same allegedly libelous statements in New York State.
  • 'TheWrap' Adds First Amendment Reporter
    The hire is in response to the alleged threats to free speech posed by the administration of President Donald Trump, as well as the proliferation of "fake news" distributed by social media platforms like Facebook.
  • 'The Hollywood Reporter,' 'Billboard' Put Up For Sale
    The long saga of The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, two iconic trade publications of the traditional media era that have undergone radical reinventions in the digital age. The latest news: They are once again up for sale. Janice Min, the famed former US Weekly editor who took the helm as editor-in-chief, is stepping down.
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