Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  • Local Targeted Ads To Support National Media Brands

    Image Space Media plans to launch a local targeting feature to its self-serve advertiser platform, AdStart, later this week. It lets marketers create and customize in-image ad campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Borrell: Online Ad Spend To Gain 17.5% In 2011

    Streaming video advertising will see continued big growth -- increasing more than 60% to $5.6 billion next year. Online advertising will continue to outpace the U.S. ad market as a whole. Borrell says local online ad spending will gain 14% in 2011 -- to $51.9 billion from $45.6 billion this year. ...Read the whole story

  • Tremor Media Announces HTML5 Support

    Tremor will launch HTML5-compatible formats initially for the iPad before expanding the service to other devices including the iPhone and Android-based mobile phones by year's end. "With the introduction of the Apple iPad, publishers have a new mobile platform in which to reach a highly engaged audience," said Charles Parra, vice president of product management for Tremor. ...Read the whole story

  • New Kotex Effort Dangles Undie 'Makeunder'

    Aida Flick, brand director at Kotex, tells Marketing Daily the effort is a continuation of a program that started last fall with the "Panty Challenge" campaign, a promotion that encouraged women to try Kotex with a promise that any problems meant new undergarments on K-C's dime. She says that program promoted Kotex by getting women to get rid of those undergarments they wore only while menstruating with the underlying idea that Kotex provides leakage protection. ...Read the whole story

  • Plugged In: Young Men Impact Entertainment Decisions

    From the home to Hollywood, the influence of 18-34 guys, according to a new report, is pronounced. Nearly three in five -- 58.5% -- of 18-34 guys say family and friends ask for their opinion on which video games to buy, and a whopping three-quarters -- 77% -- say they are asked for recommendations on which movies to see. ...Read the whole story

    Upload It And They Will Come

    For television historians, it used to be that the only way to view long-gone television shows was to venture to university libraries, the Museum of Television & Radio, or, if you were lucky, buy or rent ...More

    • Are Publishers Doomed to Fail in Age of Video Content?

      hy did Blockbuster fail against Netflix? Why did Barnes & Noble stumble while Amazon thrived? Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen's focus on innovation in commercial enterprises led to his first book, "The Innovator's Dilemma," which ...More