• MPAA Seeks Court Order Halting Zediva Streams

    Escalating their battle with video site Zediva, the movie studios are asking a judge to prohibit the company from streaming movies online. Unlike Netflix and Redbox, which impose a 28-day wait for new releases, Zediva streams films as soon as they hit the retail stores. ...Read the whole story

Cost-Per-View Pricing for Digital Video: What Would It Really Measure?

Advertiser spending for online video has come to a screeching halt. Businesses believe that ROI assessment tools are unreliable and advertisers are skeptical of any new metrics have been recently introduced. This grudge towards ad metrics may or may not be valid, but one new metric bucks the traditional trend of using cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) to measure digital video (and TV)-take it a step further to cost-per-view (CPV). ...More

  • Why GoogleTV And AppleTV Are Still Hobbies

    In an earlier article, I talked about why the nomenclature for GoogleTV and AppleTV is ill-conceived, and why Google and Apple are doing the marketing of these products a disservice. At the same time, the opportunity to bring Internet and digital media to the largest screen in the home is immense. The nomenclature, the product development and marketing approaches demonstrate that neither company has qualified this opportunity sufficiently. ...More