Thursday, June 30, 2011
  • Big Brands Piloting In-Store 3GTV Networks

    The in-store media platform -- being touted as a breakthrough in the booming shopper marketing arena -- enables measurable digital communications to consumers throughout the store, extending the television model into the retail environment and making retail a plannable media destination, according to its creator. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Holds: Young Adults More Likely To Media Migrate

    More studies reveal cord-cutting isn't a threat to traditional TV distribution systems -- yet. But those most likely to cut the proverbial cord are young adults 17-34. ...Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell Thinks Outside The Bun, Turns Restaurants Into Media Network

    In what likely is the biggest deal yet since Turner Broadcasting tried to develop an ill-fated place-based video network with McDonald's in the early 1990s, Taco Bell has agreed to install an ad-supported video network throughout its 5,600 locations nationwide. The deal with Indoor Direct will provide free Wi-Fi access to diners, a move that is expected to convert many drive-through customers into in-restaurant dinners, and boost the amount of time and items they order in the restaurants. ...Read the whole story

  • Big Red Back On TV With "Different" Campaign

    The #1 red soda brand Big Red is returning to TV for the first time in more than 25 years, as part of a new "Tastes Good to Be Different" integrated campaign. The campaign celebrates the nearly 75-year-old brand's "indescribable flavor" and its fans, who "like being different." (The advertising's sub-tagline: "Taste It. You'll Get It.") ...Read the whole story

  • Jumptap: Lunchtime is Prime Time For Mobile Advertising

    Is midday the best time to run advertising on mobile phones? According to the latest monthly data from Jumptap, that's when ad interaction rates peak on the mobile ad network. Conversely, click-through rates are at their lowest during the morning commute and early hours of the workday. ...Read the whole story

  • Hilton Garden Inn Campaign 'Speaks Success'

    Hilton Garden Inn is launching an integrated ad campaign developed to speak to today's travelers through shorthand and acronyms. With the popularity of texting and other social networking, the campaign employs the use of terms from guests' business and social lives: EOD, ROI and B&B. ...Read the whole story

  • iPhone Owners: Big Video Watchers, Mobile App Users

    There is much more video watching on iPhones than other smartphones. Futuresouce says 64% of iPhone users watch video as opposed to 32% of other smartphone users. Plus, they are more likely to download mobile apps. ...Read the whole story

    Peltz Re-engages As Kraft Heats Up Social Engagement

    All the recent activity at Kraft Foods finally caught my fancy this morning, quite a few days later and many dollars shorter than it evidently has reengaged Nelson Peltz' affections. The activist investor, who once had ...More

    • Why Now Is The Time To Shift TV Ad Dollars To Online Video

      Online video viewership is reaching new highs each month, presenting a perfect opportunity for media buyers to tap into the massive video audience. New research from Nielsen revealed that during April 2011, Americans streamed 14.7 billion ...More