More On Google's Insatiable Search For Technology

Like the hunger for knowledge and the passion to make faster and better widgets, the engineer in Google Co-founder Larry Page will lead the cash-rich company on a path to devouring technology. Some will come from companies like Motorola -- sitting on the fence with a treasure trove of mobile patents at its feet, but not much foresight in what to do with them -- or from more unexpected sources. ...More

  • Youtube And Comscore Partnership Ushers In New Golden Era For Online Video

    If comScore and Nielsen could display what a content producer's reach is on YouTube, then it would open up a whole new stream of RFPs from the larger ad agencies and marketers. Last week, YouTube and comScore announced a beta program with a few dozen content owners which did just that. ...More

  • More On TV Audience Erosion

    In a previous Video Insider post, I wrote that demographic changes in our population perhaps amplified, or were even mistaken for, cord-cutting data. The crux of this was the decline in the 18-49 age audience for broadcasters. This is a critical audience metric that drives the approximately $70 billion television advertising market. Traditionally, this is so because the 18-49 audience is considered to be the heaviest consumers and buyers of goods and services advertised on television. ...More

  • Understanding The Video Consumer

    According to the Nielsen Cross Media Report, Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TVs, mobile devices and via the Internet than ever. Overall TV viewership increased 22 minutes per month per person over last year, demonstrating moderate growth and remaining the dominant source of video content for all demographics. Even the lowest fifth quintile of TV viewers still averages an hour of TV consumption per day, with the highest quintile tuning in for nearly ten hours per day. ...More