• Video Ad Revs Up 20%, TV Services Drive Growth

    Four major countries will see a collective 20% rise in online video revenues this year -- much of this coming from advertising-supported platforms. In Europe, in particular, catch-up TV services have been the key driver of free online TV and movie growth. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Devices Boost Magazine Subscriptions

    The magazine industry has placed much of its hopes for growth on selling digital editions of its titles via tablets, e-readers and other connected devices. This fall, publishers such as Conde Nast and Hearst have announced adding hundreds of thousands of digital subscribers to date across various devices, including the iPad, and Kindle and Nook e-readers. ...Read the whole story

Macy's Fuels Bieber Fever for Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us once again, this year spreading like black plague into Thanksgiving Day itself as retailers try with unprecedented gusto to move as much merchandise as possible in this ever-corrosive economy. One can't turn on a television or go online without being reminded of Black Friday sales at every click. I'm more of a Cyber Monday shopper than a Black Friday guy, and nothing about any of these ads encourages me to crawl out of bed in darkest night to wrestle with frenzied shoppers at any store or, as people will do this year, head out on ...More