Thursday, February 9, 2012
  • Internet-Only TV Homes Surge 22.8%, Spend 9% Of TV Time Online

    Characterizing it as a "development to watch," Nielsen issued a new report to clients Wednesday showing that the number of U.S. households that bypass cable or satellite TV and subscribe only to broadband Internet access has grown dramatically in the past year, and not surprisingly, they spend dramatically more time watching TV over the Internet. ...Read the whole story

  • Blip Raises $12M, Plans New Services

    Giving its Web TV network more room to wiggle, Blip just raised $12 million in a mix of debt financing and equity. No flash in the pan, Blip has spent the past six years growing its audience -- until now under the name ...Read the whole story

  • 'Motor Trend' Launches YouTube Channel

    As more traditional print entities look to build a viable video presence, Motor Trend is launching a YouTube channel, where new episodes of series will be offered five days a week. The initiative is part of YouTube's efforts to launch 100 channels with original programming. ...Read the whole story

    Bugaboo Videos Lack Sales Drive

    On several occasions over the last few months, I have been informed by self-appointed children's advocates that my kid's stroller is not, in fact, a Kevlar-reinforced tank. This advice might have something to do with the ...More

    • Backwards To The Future

      It seems like over the last several years, in every major interview, the same general questions are being asked of entertainment executives: “Where do you see the future of television?” “How is digital media going to ...More