Is B2B Really Ready For Social Media Marketing?

Is B2B (business to business) really ready for social media marketing? The short answer is "no." The long answer "is almost. Let's just say that generally speaking, these kinds of companies are "social media curious." My agency gets a lot of B2B inquiries from marketing, sales and PR executives with companies that are genuinely interested in "doing something a little different -- you know, funny and more edgy." Half the time they chicken out and go back to whatever they were doing before they called us, which usually includes sleep-inducing product videos and downloadable PDFs that they will no doubt ...More

  • Bugaboo Videos Lack Sales Drive

    On several occasions over the last few months, I have been informed by self-appointed children's advocates that my kid's stroller is not, in fact, a Kevlar-reinforced tank. This advice might have something to do with the way I navigate our buggy through the streets of New York, which pairs a child's impatience with a convicted sidewalk-rage perp's speedlust. Hey, it's not my fault that some people - hello, kindly retirees out on restorative midday strolls - aren't able to abide by the societal code of right-side-slow, left-side-fast. ...More