Mitsubishi's "Ride the Storm" Rides the Line of Safety

In anticipation of the imminent passing of my current jalopy, I recently test-drove a few cars. While I relished the consequence-free fiddling with seats and mirrors and the opportunity to register my disgust with heated seats - in my book, as much an over-luxe scourge as platinum-rimmed toilets - there's only so much one can learn about a car by piloting it through suburbia on a sunny day. Upon returning to the dealership, I asked if it would be okay to return on a snowy, rainy or otherwise weather-impaired afternoon. The sales guy scoffed: "No, that would be dangerous." To ...More

  • Is A Horizontal Or Vertical Content Strategy More Valuable?

    Increasingly, tech firms and ad networks are pivoting and morphing into content creators. Specific Media has begun the metamorphosis; Hulu, Netflix, YouTube are in transit; SAY Media is there, to name a few examples. As they pivot into content, some underwrite a horizontal strategy, others go vertical and focus on the most engaged and passionate audiences, ...More