• Canoe Drops ITV Mission, Most Staff To Focus On VOD Ad Initiatives

    Canoe Ventures, the partnership of major cable companies created to make scaled addressable and interactive TV a reality, is redefining its mission and drastically scaling back its operation. The cable company venture is shutting down its New York office and laying off most of its staff based there -- and will move its base to Denver, where it currently has a technical center and a staff of about 30 engineers. ...Read the whole story

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The Revolution In 'Content Everywhere'

As the importance of new content-business-models increases, so, too do TV and digital distribution deals that push continued convergence across platforms. Original content deals across all platforms are the new norm, with You Tube for one, quietly changing the terms for some channel producers to encompass an "everywhere model," and with CBS exploring direct-to-Netflix content deals. ...More

  • The ABCs Of DSPs

    To the uninitiated brand marketer, the term demand-side platform, or DSP, can be very intimidating. When one ventures into the nascent world of video DSPs, where the definition often changes from provider to provider, things get even more confusing. ...More