Friday, March 23, 2012
  • End Of An Age: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Will Beat Physical Video Viewing In 2012

    The video everywhere and anywhere phenomenon is finally going to push digital viewing past disc-based experiences this year. According to tracking for IHS Screen Digest, online movie watching will surpass 3.4 billion views this year -- about 1 billion units of viewing more than the 2.4 billion views (or transactions). This represents monstrous growth in digital viewing. ...Read the whole story

    Uncovering A New 'Premium' With Sports Video

    March Madness is, and will continue to be, a major online advertising event, which is good news for digital marketers constantly searching for the hard-to-find "premium and exclusive video content." But online sports coverage doesn't begin ...More

    • HSBC's "Serious Play" is Just That. Don't Overanalyze It.

      Even though my tastes trend toward charred meats and Bruce Willis flicks, I don't know from rugby. As it has been explained to me, the sport involves tackling, biting, mud, toothlessness and collegial beer intake. If ...More

    • Search Tools And Tips To Optimize Video I Should Have Used

      It takes informative and engaging content to get videos indexed in search engine results or to get people to share them. Producing entertaining videos that help solve problems increases the likelihood people will share with others. ...More