Media's End Game: Video For Every Screen

The undertow of disruptive innovation and rapid change in media is unprecedented. Video's measured penetration and effectiveness will be the key that unlocks a windfall of digital value. ...More

  • Brightcove IPO Will Accelerate Innovation In Online Video

    It was a proud moment for the online video industry when Brightcove (or should I say BCOV) made its public debut on the NASDAQ at $14.50 a share last month. The IPO and subsequent debut reinforced not only the value and growth potential of online video, but drew rapt attention from investors and venture capitalists. For me, and others who are as focused on defining the industry as growing their customer base, the spotlight on the category can't be bright enough. ...More

  • The Winners Of The 'PC-Plus' Era Will Help Me Build My Media Bubble

    Stop hyping the "cloud" and start designing better ways for the multi-screening media maven to push content to the device, time and place best suited to consuming it. Let's get to the next stage already. ...More

  • eMusic Explorations Takes Music Lovers Down Amusing Path to Discover New Bands

    As a person of medium-old age, I'm lost when it comes to finding new music. It used to be that I'd turn on the MTV and avail myself of the best of what our nation's keytarists and junior-goth hookmeisters had to offer. But since the channel shifted its focus to effecting societal change, I've had only two options: To wait for younger colleagues to send pity MP3s my way or to return to teenage mainstays once anew, all the while banging my walking stick rhythmically against the armoire. So I applaud eMusic, the deep-cut ying to iTunes' hits-of-the-minute yang, for ...More