Thursday, April 12, 2012

Around The Net

  • Denny's Gets Edgy To Reach Younger Diners New York Times

    Scripted videos three to four minutes long are released on and on the chain's Facebook page. The series, "Always Open" features the comedian Dave Koechner, the "Saturday Night Live" alumnus and a star of movies including "Anchorman," who interviews celebrities while they share a booth at a Denny's. "You climbed Mount Kilimanjaro," Mr. Koechner tells his guest, the actress Jessica Biel, in a new video. "Let's say we're trapped on the mountain together, both of us, we're freezing, and we need to share bodily warmth. Do you think it would get romantic?" ...Read the whole story

  • Adfonic launches integrated mobile video advertisingGoMo News

    April 12th 2012. Global mobile advertising marketplace Adfonic , has announced the availability of its new integrated mobile video advertising product, which enables advertisers and agencies worldwide to replicate the power of a television or online video ad on a mobile device screen. ...Read the whole story

Anytime Is Prime Time: Digital Video Dayparting Comes Of Age

Traditional TV dayparting -- the practice of determining the most effective time of day for ads to play -- is being redefined by digital video. Prime time is no longer just evening TV from 8 p.m. ...More

  • Why This Is The Year Agencies Must 'Own' Video

    Roughly 179 million U.S. viewers watched more than 38 billion videos this past February, according to comScore, which should leave no surprise that video is an important part of every digital marketing plan. But as brands ...More

  • Subscription Model Turns Blades Into Market Share

    It's a subject not openly spoken about in friendly poker games, slow-pitch softball dugouts or at your friendly, neighborhood gazillion-beers-on-tap joint but I can tell you it's seething in the minds of men across the republic: ...More