Anytime Is Prime Time: Digital Video Dayparting Comes Of Age

Traditional TV dayparting -- the practice of determining the most effective time of day for ads to play -- is being redefined by digital video. Prime time is no longer just evening TV from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Nielsen People Meter). Prime time varies across different media and is highly influenced by the habits of "millennials," the Webification of older consumers and the emergence of digital video platforms that target users anywhere, anytime. ...More

  • Why This Is The Year Agencies Must 'Own' Video

    Roughly 179 million U.S. viewers watched more than 38 billion videos this past February, according to comScore, which should leave no surprise that video is an important part of every digital marketing plan. But as brands dedicate more budget to video, the pressure increases for agencies to show that money is spent efficiently while delivering maximum impact and a clear ROI. With the spotlight shining on video, it's obvious that agencies need to own online video if they are truly going to deliver for brands. ...More

  • Subscription Model Turns Blades Into Market Share

    It's a subject not openly spoken about in friendly poker games, slow-pitch softball dugouts or at your friendly, neighborhood gazillion-beers-on-tap joint but I can tell you it's seething in the minds of men across the republic: "Heavens to Murgatroyd, how the heck did it get so expensive to shave?" ...More