• Barry Diller Tells Senate: Online Video Same As Trad TV

    New digital video services should be permitted to operate on a level playing field with broadcasters and other traditional programming services, former TV and movie studio executive Barry Diller told a Senate committee. Diller is an investor in Aereo, a new digital video service that delivers over-the-air TV via the Internet. ...Read the whole story

  • With New Video Portal, AOL Puts The 'On' Back In America Online

    Sometimes, what's old is new again. AOL, whose robust content syndication strategy has helped distance itself from its aggregator past, is once again touting itself as a portal - this time for all things video. The new hub, dubbed "AOL On," was dubbed Tuesday evening during its portion of the digital "NewFront" to advertisers, agencies and the press in New York City. ...Read the whole story

VideoDaily Roundup: IAC Chairman Takes Shot At Big Media At Senate Hearing

Today's VideoDaily Roundup focuses on big media, starting with Barry Diller, who throws a punch at media and telco firms in his written Senate hearing testimony. We follow this by profiling a TV Everywhere service that aims to play nice with big media firms. After that, Hulu investor Providence Equity Partners takes a stake in former News Corp. COO Peter Chernin's new media venture. Next, online video enters the classroom (in a good way), and finally: will premium publishers soon be forced to put their video inventory on ad exchanges? ...More

  • VideoDaily Roundup: XBox Live Usage Outstrips Multiplayer Gaming in U.S.

    We start today's VideoDaily Roundup with the startling news that streaming entertainment usage on Microsoft's Xbox Live service has now outstripped multiplayer gaming (which the service was originally designed for) in the U.S. Next, an Atlantic Wire columnist argues that TV Everywhere doesn't solve the basic problem of today's pay-TV service. Over at the Senate hearing on the future of TV, product placements take center stage, and finally: the video advertising battle is heating up in China as the country's major players consolidate. ...More

  • More Dullness Than Light in Latest Dulux "Let's Colour Project"

    As an individual whose lot in life is to trawl the web for brand-burnishing video, I often find myself confronted by daunting philosophical questions. Like: "Is it possible for a brand to do more harm than good by seeking attention for its feats of charitable largesse?" Or perhaps: "Is that the CEO's wife singing the song in the background?" Or: "Seriously, a global megaconglomerate wouldn't really pay someone valid currency for something that sounds like a distressed beagle cooing over a rejected ABBA track, would it?" ...More