• Sauza Tequila 'Fireman' Video Heats Up YouTube

    The video's real point is to get women to make a margarita recipe featuring Sauza Blue Tequila, as demonstrated by a hunky "fireman." (Actually, a hunky model playing a fireman, but the desired effect is the same.) ...Read the whole story

  • GroundLink Appeals To Secret Agent Inside

    Car-service company GroundLink is looking to build national awareness by appealing to the secret agent that lives within every person who might use its service. "We all have a secret agent on the inside," says CMO Seth Lasser. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Offers Slate of New Video Programs

    Web giant Yahoo took the lid off a new slate of video programming during its Digital Content NewFront presentation in New York on Wednesday. The unveiling of a new show featuring Katie Couric -- as well as an animated Sci-Fi series produced by Tom Hanks -- headlined the event, which was designed to be a content showcase for advertisers and press similar to a network television upfront. ...Read the whole story

  • VideoDaily Roundup: Digital Video Execs Urge Senate to Keep Web Open

    In today's VideoDaily Roundup, we keep tabs on the latest developments from the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on online video innovation. Akamai's longtime CEO, who led the company through a period of incredible growth, steps down. The New York Times' David Carr uses a few anecdotes to assess Netflix's slide, and finally: why life is so good at high-flying Ooyala. ...Read the whole story

VideoDaily Roundup: Digital Video Still A Drop In TV's Bucket

Today's VideoDaily Roundup starts with a skeptical take on video's Digital Content NewFronts. Next, reports claim that a major investor is preparing to offload its Hulu stake for $200 million. Next up are several reasons why it's too soon to write off Netflix -- and finally, TubeMogul beats the RTV video drum. ...More

  • News Items Reveal A Changing T/V Landscape

    Two items reported in the news this month demonstrate how oft-overlooked media consumer preferences are beginning to shift the landscape and business model for ad-supported T/V (television/video). ...More

  • Break Out the Tissues When Watching P&G's Mother's Day Tribute

    I just did some calculations. If I were to thank my mom for everything she's done for me - all the cooking and cleaning, all the nurturing and encouraging, all the alibi-providing and bond-posting - it would take 42 days, at the rate of 15 seconds per incident-specific allocation of gratitude. Were I to throw in some apologies for individual instances of inappropriate conduct, it would add another three months to the appreciation/atonement binge. I was a pain in the ass of a kid - think Burning Man reenactments in the playroom and unlicensed goldfish autopsies on the kitchen coun ...More

  • The Ad Market As It Is

    This is a special time in the ad industry. What happens in the second quarter's upfronts will go a long way toward determining industry economics for the rest of the year. What will have happened when this week and quarter play out? To answer that, I will borrow a Jack Welchism and try to look "at the market as it is, not just as we would like it to be. ...More

  • Professional, Plus User Generated Product Videos, Most Effective in Tandem

    comScore, reporting on the results of a study on the synergy of professionally produced video content and user generated product videos in marketing campaigns, found that professionally produced video content and user generated product videos are highly synergistic, driving higher levels of sales effectiveness when used in tandem. ...More