Tuesday, May 8, 2012
  • Reports: Google To Invest In Machinima, Other YouTube Content Partners

    During its Digital Content NewFront presentation last week, Google said it would spend $100 million helping original video content producers set up channels on YouTube, in addition to committing $200 million to market these channels to consumers. Now, according to reports Monday from All Things Digital and The New York Times, Google is considering investing directly in some of YouTube's Web video producers, including the video game content maker Machinima. ...Read the whole story

  • Flurry: Photo/Video Fastest-Growing App Category

    In the wake of Facebook's $1 billion deal for Instagram, the spotlight has fallen on a new crop of video-sharing apps moving up the charts like Viddy and SocialCam. The photo and video category as a whole has been the fastest-growing in apps time spent per active user between October and March, up 89% to 231 minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Lipton, 'Lady A' Share Positivity

    It's iced tea season, and Lipton has teamed up with country artist Lady Antebellum for a new marketing campaign that attempts to leverage the positivity of the band's persona with that of the drink. ...Read the whole story

  • Kotex Natural Balance Takes On Cliches

    Kimberly-Clark's Kotex Natural Balance brand is standing up for what's real. The feminine hygiene brand is tapping comedienne Heather McDonald to star in a series of online videos extending an integrated effort that launched in February. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Newspapers Provide Better Video NewsTvNewsCheck

      As newspaper Web sites such as The Globe’s Boston.com and the Twin Cities’ StarTribune.com focus more on video, they often raise the bar for TV news in general, writes Diana Marszalek. "In fact, some of the newspapers’ video content is so good that it has beaten material produced by TV news departments when it’s gone head-to-head in awards competitions." Marszalek provides examples of the best of this new genre, and suggests several reasons why its quality remains high. For one, since newspapers don't have to feed the beast of constant news reports for various daily broadcasts, journalists who work on ... ...Read the whole story

    • Dish Chairman Claims Digital Streaming "Devalues" TV ContentAll Things Digital

      Some things never change: media companies and pay TV providers will always wrestle over carriage fees. As All Things Digital's Peter Kafka points out, the result is always the same, too: the consumer ends up paying more. Nevertheless, the latest spat -- between Dish Networks, a satellite TV provider, and AMC Networks, owner of such shows as "Mad Men," "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" -- has taken an interesting twist: Dish claims that because AMC sells certain shows to digital streaming services like Netflix, Apple's iTunes, and Amazon Prime, its content is worth less to Dish subscribers. Kafka paraphrases ... ...Read the whole story

    • Company Fueling Video "Gold Rush" Nabs Funding RoundGigaOm

      If digital streaming is a gold rush, then Elemental Technologies, which today announced a $13 million round of funding, is the company selling the tools, says GigaOm's Stacey Higginbotham. The five-year old startup is selling GPU-transcoding servers to some big-name content providers, like ESPN, HBO Go and Comcast, making it "the arms dealer in the war between the pay TV providers, the content folks and streaming companies like Netflix," Higginbotham says. Elemental's servers come packed with graphics processors sold by Nvidia, which Higginbotham says enables it to convert videos into any format quickly and without wasting power. By using GPU ... ...Read the whole story

    • Can Video App Makers Cash Out Like Instagram?The Wall Street Journal

      Following Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing startup Instagram, which makes it especially easy to share photos on mobile phones, The Wall Street Journal says speculation is rife that a video-sharing mobile app maker may become the next big acquisition target for a social media company. Like Instagram, services like Viddy, Socialcam and Mobli are attracting millions in venture capital dollars, in addition to drawing millions of users. And like Instagram, these video services are revenue-challenged: "The biggest issue in mobile is monetizing," says Dino Decespedes, vice president of mobile video app startup Mobli, Inc., which counts actors Leonardo DiCaprio ... ...Read the whole story

    • Google TV - the Second ComingThe New York Times
    What Revision3's Sale Means for the Online Video Industry

    In the mid-2000s, Kevin Rose helped launch two companies, Digg and Revision3, with the former being the quintessential web 2.0 aggregator, and the latter being a more traditional content producer, albeit intent on disrupting the cable ...More