• Reports: Google To Invest In Machinima, Other YouTube Content Partners

    During its Digital Content NewFront presentation last week, Google said it would spend $100 million helping original video content producers set up channels on YouTube, in addition to committing $200 million to market these channels to consumers. Now, according to reports Monday from All Things Digital and The New York Times, Google is considering investing directly in some of YouTube's Web video producers, including the video game content maker Machinima. ...Read the whole story

  • Flurry: Photo/Video Fastest-Growing App Category

    In the wake of Facebook's $1 billion deal for Instagram, the spotlight has fallen on a new crop of video-sharing apps moving up the charts like Viddy and SocialCam. The photo and video category as a whole has been the fastest-growing in apps time spent per active user between October and March, up 89% to 231 minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Lipton, 'Lady A' Share Positivity

    It's iced tea season, and Lipton has teamed up with country artist Lady Antebellum for a new marketing campaign that attempts to leverage the positivity of the band's persona with that of the drink. ...Read the whole story

  • Kotex Natural Balance Takes On Cliches

    Kimberly-Clark's Kotex Natural Balance brand is standing up for what's real. The feminine hygiene brand is tapping comedienne Heather McDonald to star in a series of online videos extending an integrated effort that launched in February. ...Read the whole story

What Revision3's Sale Means for the Online Video Industry

In the mid-2000s, Kevin Rose helped launch two companies, Digg and Revision3, with the former being the quintessential web 2.0 aggregator, and the latter being a more traditional content producer, albeit intent on disrupting the cable industry. As Digg earned the headlines, Revision3 -- like all content companies, ahem -- remained off-the-radar, building distribution, good will and revenues. Last week, the Washington Post acq-hired the Digg team, while Discovery Communication acquired Revision3 for $30 million. ...More

  • Franken Seeks Federal Probe Of Comcast's Xbox Plans

    Add Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to the growing list of people questioning Comcast. The senator sent a letter today to the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice calling for an investigation of the cable giant. The move was sparked by Comcast's recent announcement that it will allow Xfinity subscribers to stream shows to an Xbox without counting that data toward home broadband users' 250 GB-a-month limit. ...More

  • Eight O'Clock Coffee's "The Cupping Room": Drink That It Doesn't Go Viral

    If I were called upon to update a fusty brand for these wackadoodle modern times of ours, I wouldn't know where to begin. Sears, Cream of Wheat, Town & Country - these are proud, venerable brands and, as such, somewhat out of place in the whittled-down world of 140 characters. There are exceptions - Levi Strauss, founded in 1873, still feels contemporary - but for the most part, old companies have a tough time working with and around the reality of their oldness. ...More