Friday, May 11, 2012
  • Nielsen Unveiling Suite Of Next-Generation TV Meters: Designed To Enhance Compliance, Cross-Platform Measurement Too

    In what is likely the most significant change in the methods Nielsen uses to measure TV -- and potentially all forms of video content -- the ratings company this week quietly began informing clients of a major initiative to develop a suite of new audience meters and digital tracking codes that could begin replacing its current meters as soon as 2014. Dubbed "GTAM," which stands for Global Television Audience Metering, the initiative includes the development of four new audience metering technologies designed to deal with the all of the conceivable challenges involved in measuring the viewing behavior of contemporary consumer ... ...Read the whole story

  • Univision-Starcom Ink Early Upfront Deal, Shift Media Dollars

    Univision says it has made the largest single-agency upfront deal ever with Starcom USA and its multicultural media agency Tapestry. Univision says the deal will be the first to use a "video neutral approach," which considers all media platforms for the big Spanish-language network, two broadcast networks, three rated cable channels, local TV and radio stations, and Univision's online, mobile and social video destinations. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: YouTube Mulls Content Subscription Service

    In a bid to attract more content deals with big media companies, YouTube is considering implementing a paywall around certain content, "The New York Post" reported on Friday morning. Citing insiders close to the discussions, the paper reported that this does not mean YouTube will begin charging for content that is already available for free, but might add premium offerings that are not already on the video-sharing site. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Report: Xbox Beats Apple Devices in Video Views; Mid Rolls Gain Traction Rapid TV News

      A new report from video technology provider FreeWheel not only corroborates Microsoft's claims that video viewing is ramping up considerably on its Xbox 360, but also shows that video consumption on the game console has eclipsed Apple's iPad and iPhone. According to the report, which measured the consumption of professional video content only (i.e., with ads attached to it), the Xbox received 28 percent of all non-PC/Mac video viewing in the U.S. in Q1, compared to 27 percent for the iPad and 19 percent for the iPhone and 15 percent for Android devices. The report also found that the pre-roll ... ...Read the whole story

    • News Corp.: TV Everywhere Makes Up for Ballooning Cable CostsFierceCable

      During News Corp.'s Q1 2012 earnings call, Deputy Chairman and COO Chase Carey suggested that TV Everywhere Web sites and mobile applications would help temper consumer ire with ballooning cable TV and satellite subscription package costs. "The customers [would] always rather pay less," Carey said. "I think one of our challenges it to make sure we continue to make that experience better by enriching this." He added that programmers and distributors alike could continue to benefit from their existing relationship by allowing subscribers to access their content on any device. "This is a good business model for both [programmers and ... ...Read the whole story

    • Report: CPG, Travel Benefit Most from Online Video-SharingVentureBeat

      Research from 33Across, an advertising technology company that specializes in social data, suggests that brands across several verticals are seeing more customers respond to online video than ever before. The report, which measures behaviors like blog consumption, search engine usage, content sharing and video consumption for 80 brands across 8 verticals, found unprecedented levels of video viewership and content-sharing habits among consumers. In particular, consumer packaged goods and travel stood out as having the greatest impact from online video. ...Read the whole story

    • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Ad Goes Viral Discovery News

      Here's one way to make your ad go viral: check out this choose-your-own-adventure video created by the agency Buzzman for Tipp-Ex (a sort of UK version of White Out in the U.S.), which already has more than 8 million views on YouTube. The ad, called "Hunter and bear's 2012 birthday party," starts innocuously enough with the two characters -- Hunter and bear -- sharing a birthday cake when a giant meteor falls out of they sky, threatening to end the world. After Tipp-Ex erases "2012" out of the YouTube title, the user is asked to enter any year they wish ... ...Read the whole story

    • Kiwi ISP Brings Hulu, Netflix to the MassesArs Technica

      If you live in places like South Africa or New Zealand, you cannot access many Web video services like Vevo, Hulu or Netflix because most of their programming rights do not extend beyond American borders. However, a new ISP called "Fyx" is offering a feature to its subscribers called "Global Mode" that apparently circumvents the geo-blocking capabilities of sites like Hulu and Netflix that are designed to keep foreigners out. While Fyx has become the first ISP to offer such a feature, foreigners have long been able to pay for commercial virtual private networks to get around the problem. "We ... ...Read the whole story

    Dmitri Potapoff Tests A Quadrotor In Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Teaser

    Today, in "Things That Are Awesome And Make Me Want To Do Wheelies On My Dirt Bike While Rocking Out To Def Leppard," I present to you the latest marketing coup from the Activision folks, makers ...More