Wednesday, June 20, 2012
  • Big TV Manufacturers Debut Platform-Independent Alliance

    Big TV companies LG Electronics and TP Vision (which manufactures Philips-branded TV sets in many territories) have started the Smart TV Alliance, intent on creating a "non-proprietary ecosystem for application developers to create attractive, platform-independent services." ...Read the whole story

  • Baby Boomers Are Big Video Consumers

    A new wave of digital TV users has arrived: video consumers 50+. A study from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and research concern Chadwick Martin Bailey found that nearly 40% of the 50+ crowd have viewed a premium TV show or movie in the past week. ...Read the whole story

  • NBCU, ThePlatform To Bring Oxygen, USA, Syfy Content Online

    Media giant NBC Universal on Tuesday selected thePlatform's cloud-based mpx system to be the online video management and distribution hub for its USA, Syfy and Oxygen cable networks -- a move that enables the cable networks to distribute their TV content across Web connected devices, potentially opening the door to new "TV Everywhere" services. ...Read the whole story

  • Viewers Appreciate Netflix Price, Flexibility

    New research may indicate that Netflix's appeal vis--vis HBO, Showtime and pay-per-view films may be less than expected, given the relatively low cost. Parks Associates found that 17% of those watching HBO and other premium networks consider going with Netflix instead. ...Read the whole story

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Tablets Gain Mobile Video Viewers

According to a new comScore release on insights into the U.S. tablet market, tablets have reached a critical mass in the U.S. with 1 in every 4 smartphone owners using tablets during the three-month period ending ...More