To Bundle or Not To Bundle - That Is the Question for T/V (Television/Video)

For those enterprises still receiving substantial cash from the traditional television business model there is no need to question the issue of bundling - the packaging of large numbers of TV networks into a cable or satellite subscription. Traditional television producers (national broadcast and cable networks, local stations/channels) and distributors (Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, etc.) really have no desire to go to what they assume would be a less lucrative model -- one where consumers don't pay for content they don't watch, and advertisers don't pay for ads that aren't seen. ...More

  • Young , Twentysomething Men Are Dumbed Down In Schick's "Clean Break"

    After watching "Clean Break," a Schick-backed series in which a pair of outdoor adventurists embark on outdoor adventures, I'm supposed to feel something, man. I'm supposed to start questioning authority, embrace the rituals of bonding with my peeps and chatting up surf rats, and ask my travel agent about bungee tours of the Serengeti. Then I'm supposed to affirm my newly forged emotional bond with Schick, the brand that raised the blinds on my sad stationary existence, by ditching the Gillette razor that I've used for years. ...More