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When Will Digital Enter TV's Scatter Market Mix?

The TV upfront business came in more or less as predicted, with modest price increases for national players. Now comes the usual next mystery: Whither the scatter markets? ...More

  • Transparency Needn't Be A Novel Concept In Video Advertising

    It's happened to almost everyone. You go to a blog -- say, to find a trick in Excel -- then suddenly, you hear loud audio. You desperately scan the page to mute whatever is making the noise, scrolling down and find a video player embedded there, autoplaying a video you did not intend to watch, often with a VAST-standard pre-roll ad in front of it. Why tell this story? Because "fake pre-roll" is a perfect example of a conversation we are all forced to have, and should not have to, given what is possible. ...More

  • "Don't Major in Debt" Is A Must See PSA for All Students

    In the [mumbles into sleeve, sounds air horn] years since I completed my education, costs have spiraled way the hell out of control, to the extent that I'm already bracing myself for my infant son's cost-effective pursuit of a career in the sweeping of chimneys. That's why we need more web resources like the ones rolled out earlier this week by the National College Finance Center and more video-intensive campaigns like "Don't Major In Debt." Using simple terms (and often simple math), both programs break down the largely theoretical nature of college loans for a generation of grads, students and ...More