Monday, July 23, 2012

Around The Net

  • Google Fuels Nexus 7 Interest With AdCNET

    Stoking excitement around its new tablet, Google just released a one-minute Nexus 7 commercial. Dubbed "Camping," the remarkably traditional spot features a father and son camping and exploring the woods. Along the way, the pair relies on the Nexus 7 to find their way through the woods, search locations on Google Maps, and play games in their tent. “Google's Nexus 7 promotion comes at a time when the company's tablet is selling like gangbusters,” CNet notes.  ...Read the whole story

A Contrarian Take On Marissa Mayer's Future At Yahoo

Hiring Marissa Mayer was a huge statement for Yahoo, but as a wise man told me privately, the company gets no points for simply anointing her. To use a sports analogy, it's akin to hiring a ...More