Apple's TV Move: You Say You Want A Revolution, Well, You Know...

News flash: Apple TV might not change the TV world. Sorry about that. Want a TV business savior? You might have to look at other wannabe TV-changing companies -- Google, Comcast, maybe Facebook. ...More

  • Apple TV Box Would Be Surprising

    With just the scent of a new initiative, Apple can fascinate people throughout the entertainment business. It's remarkable. So, of course, the Wall Street Journal report that the company is talking with cable operators about a set-top-box had lots of industry buzz Thursday. With speculation Apple would launch a standalone TV set in 2013, it would be a surprise. ...More

  • The Importance Of Search In Next-Gen T/V Business Model

    The "golden age" of television (1950s and 1960s) offered limited offerings (and channels) of high-rated programs easy for viewers to find. Consumers now have an overwhelming number of choices, and must spend more time identifying their options. With 50%+ U.S. household penetration of DVRs within the 80%+ U.S. cable, teleco and satellite subscriber homes, consumers are paying a lot to program their own "personal channels" of recorded and stored content. With thousands of T/V (television/video) choices now available each moment, the search function is a vital choice management tool. Here's a look at the current and future role of T/V ...More

  • Without Improvement, There's No Need For Another Season Of "Dating Rules From My Future Self."

    The dumbest reason to be annoyed by circa-2012 online video is an excess of product placement. At this point in our commercial and cultural evolution, railing against product placement is like railing against shoes, or against the arrival of night. Product placement is a fact of life. No matter how much it may irritate scold-ier viewers, no fiscally conscientious production will refuse those dollars. This is the way it is, and the way it will be. ...More