Friday, August 17, 2012

    Around The Net

    • YouTube Video Of Games Ran 20 Million Hours Plus The Drum

      Google search volume around the world was dramatically higher during the London Olympics than during Beijing in 2008, it has been revealed, while YouTube video streaming of the Games reached over 20 million hours. In America, there was a 900% increase in searches for Ryan Lochte, meaning that interest in swimming increased by 25% over all; while Usain Bolt meant Jamaican searches for track and field increased by 40%. ...Read the whole story

    • The Decline And Fall Of Tablets Tech Crunch

      Contributor John Biggs says the tablet revolution is becoming de-evolution, as market forces drive price and quality down the toilet. "Remember netbooks?" he asks. "Exactly." Tablets were also the future, he says, but like the once-vaunted netbook, tablets will fall victim to manufacturers' weakness for squeezing profit out of a moribund product line. So much for premium products like iPad. "With the launch of the $199 Kindle Fire, and more recently the Nexus 7, the floodgates will soon open, driving down prices, quality, and value.,,as manufacturers realize they have to hit that magical $199 price point, the quality will fall ... ...Read the whole story

    Apple's TV Move: You Say You Want A Revolution, Well, You Know...

    News flash: Apple TV might not change the TV world. Sorry about that. Want a TV business savior? You might have to look at other wannabe TV-changing companies -- Google, Comcast, maybe Facebook. ...More