• TrueView Ad Format Gives Mobile Advertisers A Break

    The TrueView in-stream video ad format does not require advertisers to pay for the impression if the viewer skips the ad on mobile devices within the first five seconds. YouTube just began testing TrueView on mobile, but early indications suggest people engage with these ads in the same way they do on the desktop. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: 18 Percent of Consumers Watch Online Video Content on TVs Worldwide

    Some 18 percent of consumers worldwide are accessing online video through their TV sets on a daily basis, while 25 percent access online video content several times a week, according to a new study from NPD Group. ...Read the whole story

  • Lindt Unveils New Federer TV Ad

    The first tongue-in-cheek ad ("Airport," from 2010) conveyed the irresistibility of Lindor truffles (and Roger Federer) by showing female airport security guards confiscating his bag filled with the chocolates and threatening to strip-search the tennis star just for the fun of it. ...Read the whole story

  • Aegis Group Revs Soar 15% In First-Half 2012

    Aegis Group reported first-half revenue of $947 million, up 15% with a 10% profit gain close to $46 million. Aegis' first-half organic revenue growth -- a key performance metric that excludes the impact of sales, acquisitions and currency fluctuations -- was 8.6%. That's on the high side, compared to a number of holding company rivals. ...Read the whole story

Less Talk, More 'Action!'

Product managers, listen up: It's time to start worrying less about having conversations with your customers. There. I said it. Putting your efforts into creating a larger volume of quality content that stands the test of time will give your customer base what they're really looking for. In production terms, this means the more you have a director saying, "Action!" the more you'll be getting your message out into the marketplace. ...More

  • Brand Advertisers: Ready To Shut Down Banners & Web Video Ads From Midnight-6 A.M.?

    You'd better get ready: TV media-buying processes, protocols and parameters are coming to the Web. Lately, the trades have been full of stories about the long-awaited convergence between ads on the Web and ads on television. Multiplatform advertising is finally arriving -- albeit in fits and starts, linked across platforms more like a paper cup and string telephone than the locked-down digital linkage we'll certainly have within a few years. However, as we bring together campaigns running on different media, we find that technology is not the only thing we need to integrate. We need to knit together some very ...More

  • "Busted Move": A Video I'd Like To See Created

    There are legends and there are heroes, and then there are people who have picked up the phone when destiny called, listened intently, and replied with a steely, "Yes, I am the champion of virtue that you seek, and I accept most major credit cards." My preparation, selflessness and resolve in the days leading up to our move to the 'burbs qualifies me for that latter group. ...More

  • Both Inc. 500 Video Ad Companies Based in SF

    Inc. Magazine released their annual list of the fastest growing U.S. companies this week, and only two video ad companies made the list. Adap.tv, which comes in at No. 32 on the list, and TubeMogul, which comes in at number 141. Both Adap.tv and TubeMogul focus specifically on RTB and both companies are based in San Francisco. ...More