Is YouTube Becoming More Like Facebook?

Before the Facebook IPO, a former-entrepreneur-turned-VC told me that Facebook was caught between a rock and a hard place, because its massive size was proving to be a double-edged sword: "How can it possibly ever increase revenues to match its user base?" ...More

  • Spurned By Apple, YouTube App Targets Lean-Back Mobile Moments

    Days before iOS kicks YouTube off the iPhone deck, Google issues its own much-improved app for the video giant. The more sculpted and personalized experience seems to target mobile lean-back moments. ...More

  • Video Convergence is Finally, Truly Here

    In considering the future of media, attention must be paid to the much ballyhooed and often maligned concept of video convergence.  Finally, it seems video convergence is becoming a reality. Surprisingly though, it is being driven as much by a growing cadre of Hollywood progressives as it is by anyone in Silicon Valley. “Hollywood?” you may ask skeptically. Truly, Tinsel Town is leading the revolution. One that allows for new forms of compelling content distributed in novel ways, which will surely mark the end of an era that has existed since the dawn of cinema, ushering in a new era with video convergence at ...More

  • What will media buying look like when TV and online video converge?

    A steady stream of recent data illustrates continued torrid growth of video advertising relative to TV advertising, the difficulty of reaching certain demographic segments (particularly younger demos) viaTV as they choose to consume their video content online, and the resulting importance of developing unified plans and buys for video and TV advertising.Media industry forecaster Magna Global Intelligence recently projected that digital video advertising will grow 28 percent this year, a rate six times faster than the growth of the total US advertising market.Programmatic buying of digital advertising is growing at an even faster growth rate of 39 percent, according to ...More