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The Irony Of Targeting In-Game Content

This year, I've tried to determine whether there's any fundamental, material difference between ad networks targeting video game content vs. video content. ...More

  • What's The Right Hype Level For Aereo?

    With Aereo, there's an entertaining contrast between funder and fundee. Barry Diller, the chairman of financial backer IAC, has been a big-talking and provocative champion of the service, which streams live broadcast channels to mobile devices. Company CEO Chet Kanojia is low-keyed and reticent. ...More

  • Multi-Channel Marketing is Dead - Long Live the Channel of ONE

    How many times have you heard marketers talk about “channels?” My guess is, too many to count. Marketers lose sleep worrying about how to reach their customer across specific channels. They dedicate teams of employees and precious budget dollars to managing these separate entities—social media, email, text, mobile apps … the list is endless these days.But there’s a problem. Customers don’t think in terms of channels. Customers think about how brands are able to deliver value to them at every interaction. So marketers need to think about customers as the single all-important channel of ONE.I’m not suggesting it’s useless to ...More

  • Media Insights Q&A With FourthWall Media's Bill Feininger

    Bill Feininger, SVP of media measurement for FourthWall Media, began his career as an engineer at Honeywell, and after several other positions moved to Nielsen Media Research where he worked in interactive televisions and advanced advertising. His current job at FourthWall involves the launch of a new and exciting set-top-box data analytics service, Massive Data. In my interview with him, Bill talks about his work at FourthWall, his responsibilities in building an analytics business collecting set-top-box data from 1.3 million homes and growing, the profile of the Massive Data footprint, the impact of connected TV on the measurement business, and ...More

  • Dish Marketing Its Commercial-Skip Function: Who Will Follow Suit?

    "Watch Shows. Not commercials." For Dish Network, this is now a constant marketing tagline displayed on TV-related business sites and on other media. This of course refers to Dish's new Hopper set-top box, and its AutoHop function that can automatically erase the prime-time commercials of the four major networks while recording TV shows. ...More