• Entertainment Tops Among Online Viewers

    Despite a contentious presidential election, an unprecedented natural disaster, and an Olympics that tested the limits of cross-platform media coverage, entertainment kept online video viewers under its spell in 2012. ...Read the whole story

Online Media Video: Adobe Systems, Inc.. Adobe, Why I Create

Adobe created a short video for the launch of its Adobe Creative Suite 6 launch featuring a range of artists, musicians, designers and more talking about why they create. This style of video has been done before, but the responses from the artists are heartfelt and meaningful without ever veering into sap. That’s no small feat to be able elicit inspiring insight that makes a viewer feel in a short-form video. ...More

  • Online Media Video: MEC, Dreamworks Animation & Paramount Pictures / Madagascar, 3 Madagascar 3 Innovid Video Campaign

    To be fair, MEC had great material to start with for this campaign - clips from a popular film. But what really works is the humor and fun. It’s just hard to resist hitting that “fire cannon” button to to watch an animated zebra fly towards you. This campaign excels in taking already strong creative and bringing it to another level. ...More

  • Onilne Media Video: Touchstorm LLC Bloomingdale's, Bloomingdale's/Touchstorm

    Ads don’t have to be about your brand. They can be about the viewer. That’s why this Bloomingdale’s campaign stands out. It provides useful how-to fashion information on classy suits, ties, and shirts for men. The videos are quick and packed with information, and the simple tips list at the end is a nice finishing touch and a bonus for viewers. ...More

  • Place-Based Video: Campbell Ewald, Navy Recruiting Command, Battleship Content Integration

    The U.S. Navy cooperated in the production of the NBCU movie “Battleship” and partnered with the network to create behind-the-scenes content. It also saw an opportunity to produce custom video promoting naval recruiting, targeting the film’s audience: men 18-24. NBCU produced a 30-second integrated video segment that ran in Screenvision and NCM theaters, adjacent to the agency’s “100%” Navy commercial. Unique mobile calls-to-action also hit the big screen. The Navy’s social properties, mobile, Twitter, YouTube, saw an uptick. Smooth sailing. ...More

  • Place-Based Video: Inwindow Outdoor, Purina Beneful, "Play. It's Good For You"

    In an effort to promote Beneful brand dog food while at the same time encouraging “Play,” Inwindow Outdoor, in collaboration with Fallon and Zenith, created virtual dog runs at high traffic locations in five major cities with the centerpiece being a 64-foot digital wall running the length of a corridor in New York City’s Columbus Circle subway station. Equipped with 3D cameras, gesture recognition and laser tracking technology, the digital wall enabled passersby to stop and play with computer generated dogs in a virtual dog park. Each dog was generated with a robust artificial intelligence that allowed them to express ...More

  • Place-Based Video: mediahub from Mullen, Barnes & Noble Nook, Clean Air

    Location, location, location. That’s what B&N Nook campaign capitalized on — running cinema ads and displays close to a store, where 90% of Nooks are sold. 71% of all cinema viewing takes place Friday–Sunday, when consumers are in the mood to spend. Plus, a ticket earned them coupons for free drinks at B&N. Who says no to free? The graphics were clean, the message clear: Nooks are fun. Some 63% agreed, saying they would consider purchasing the device. ...More

  • Television: History, History, Hatfields & McCoys On Air Music Video

    An historical miniseries about warring gun-shooting families in Appalachia? The easy brand is "Hatfields & McCoys". But History, the channel of all things Americana, needed more -- looking to branch out of its non-scripted reality success. So here is a vintage sounding song in a music video set amongst vintage-looking footage in TV promos. The miniseries debuted with the largest ratings in cable history -- an eye-opening 14 million viewer level which continued the next two nights. ...More

  • Verklin: Yep, It's Still About Data

    Now that data is so "big" and all, let's check in with the guy who years ago made the provocative claim that "data is the new creative." ...More

  • All In The Algorithm

    Somewhere between artistry and automation lies the algorithm, the always mysterious and sometimes magical algorithm. Like the alchemist's dream of turning base metal into gold, a good video search and discovery (S&D) algorithm spins raw data into RPM (revenue per thousand) treasure. ...More